Thursday, October 11, 2007

You'll find this hard to believe....

....but I can write killer letters. I know, I know...the idea that I could write to someone at length is a stretch (is the sarcasm coming through?), but it happens. It sometimes happens when I'm really pleased with something, but more likely when I'm really pissed about something.

The blood of my Irish-Scottish-German-Viking ancestors runs hot. What can I say?

The family crest of the Celts in my bloodline actually has a dismembered head on a sword on it, with blood dripping from it. It's that way because someone got pissed. And they apparently gave him a castle for it.

So, not only do I carry the blood of those who would cut people's heads off, but they also got a big payoff for it. Hey, early Celt hitmen. Hadn't thought about it like that. Those who piss me off should be thankful that I just write letters.

Dang, my ex is really lucky the worst I did was not give him a blowjob for five years.

Wow, and this isn't even the point of this post. If there were any doubts that I could write a lengthy letter....well....just look at my post history. And suffice it to say, it's been an irritant to many guys I've been with.


Last night, I'm visiting with New Fella and he's piiiissssed. He was trying to save a fellow teacher at the far-away school a 160-mile-round-trip drive to our town to pick up a tux for her child to wear in a wedding this weekend. He gets to Men's Wearhouse, where she had pre-arranged to pick up the tux a day early than their usual delivery date. They didn't have it ready.

"I'm sorry, our policy is to have it two days before the event."
"Yeah, that's why she arranged it with you all to pick it up a day early. She has to travel with it."
"I'm sorry, our policy is to have it two days before the event."
"But she talked to you about getting it sooner and your manager said it would be here."
"I'm sorry, our policy is to have it two days before the event."

He's pissed. So, guess what he did about it?

He wrote a letter.

In his words, a "scathing" letter.

He actually gets my letter-writing tendencies! He does it, too! And he told me about the letter. It's exactly what I would have said in the same situation. Hahaha!

So, I said, "'re telling me you're a letter-writer?"

"You bet I am! If I'm unhappy, they'll hear about it!"

I laughed, which seemed to confuse him, until I said, "Good Lord, me too!"

He wasn't pissed for much longer. His son was in the car with him while we were talking on the phone. The last few times I've seen son was during tense family situations, so I've not been sure how much he really wants to talk to me. But he participated in the conversation, too, by hollering over his dad. All of us ended up laughing all the way through them picking up dinner and heading home.

I also told him about the situation with my daughter and the kids calling our house. Being a teacher of 8th grade boys, he had lots of good advice on handling the situation. He felt very useful, which he seems to really like.

So, for something that started about my temper, it ends with Snoopy's happy dance.

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