Friday, October 12, 2007

Helping me to smile

On a day when I don't feeling much like smiling, I think I'll take a moment to think about that simple act, and it's significance.

Darling Darth Sardonic has kindly seen fit to name me in his blog as a "worthy recipient" of the "Blogs That Make Me Smile" award. Thank you so much! It makes me glad to know I can bring a little brightness to a day, now and again. Darth is passing along the kindness someone else showed him, so I'm following suit. It's a good time to think about who makes me smile here. There's a long list and I appreciate each and every one of you!

First kudos go back to Darth, who understands that the ability to bring a smile to someone else's day is a gift to not be taken lightly. Next is Hor-gal, whose words of encouragement and enthusiasm ("EEEEEE!!") and ballsy blog about all things sexual brings me a smile and out-loud laugh most days. And Krissie who is so willing to be open and honest about her thoughts and feelings, both the pretty and the unpretty. Sgt Redline whose personal tidbits are as interesting and entertaining as the odd news items he finds to post. To dear Driving who spills the good, bad, and ugly of stay-at-home mom-hood, and reminds me so much of those days in my own life. And Ellen whose love of books made me feel....well, not as weird as my mother says I am!

I have many others I'm starting to read, but I'm still getting to know you. I hope you're not offended to not be in this initial list, but know I'm visiting frequently even if I'm not commenting much. I'll comment more as I learn more about you and what you write about. Keep reading me, too, and maybe we can make the smile factor mutual!

Okay, so maybe I'm smiling a little more now than I was when I started. Thanks ;o)


Sgt said...

I don't know about those other ones, but I sure like that Sgt Redline blog!

Keep Smiling!

Blogget Jones said...

Dang, you're fast! I *just* posted that!

And I like it, too ;o) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Aww . . . thank you! That brought me a much needed smile (as do all your posts!) I actually thought about you while I was walking this morning - I really admire your willingness to put yourself out there and seek a meaningful relationship. I know how hard the rituals of dating were before I was married, and I can't imagine having to go back with kids in tow. I fear that if darling hubby and I ever split I would be perma-glued to the couch with the remote in one hand and a bag of Oreos in the other (though I suspect the need to clothe and diaper the children would dictate otherwise . . . but in my freetime, that's where I would be!)

Thanks again for the smile!

Blogget Jones said...

Thanks so much, Driving. To be honest, I *hate* dating...for obvious reasons. Some people are just mean and selfish. But it's that hope I hold out for experiencing that "love of my life" that keeps me out there.

And you're right -- kids in tow makes it harder, and more important to be cautious. I often wonder if it's weird for them to have a mom who is single and dating, and going through the "does he like me?" kinds of things, too.

And guess what? I've had those perma-glued moments myself! And it's the munchkins who keep me going. Gotta love 'em!


~ellen~ said...

Awww! Thank you! I'm so glad I made you smile.

And whenever dating gets you down, go re-read an old friend. Maybe Jane Eyre... or at least Bridget Jones' Diary.


Blogget Jones said...

Excellent idea, Ellen! I have been listening to my audiobook of "The Time Traveler's Wife." LOVE that book, even though the ending is so bittersweet.

And it might be time to pay a visit to my old friend Bridget again!

Thank you!

Krissie said...

Awwww, BJ, thank you for putting my name there! I think I might cry. That's never pretty. ;)

Blogget Jones said...

Well, sometimes it's pretty -- when it's tears of joy! ;o)

The HOR blogger said...

I kept trying to say thank you last week but our server was still shitting bricks. So anyways I'd like to add a really late "AAAWWWWWwwww shucks you're sweet :)" And thank you :)

Blogget Jones said...

Awwww! You're welcome!