Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bad pickles just get more rotten with time

Many of my current beloved readers probably either haven't read or don't remember my posts from 2005 and 2006. To fully appreciate what I'm about to blog, you'll want to time travel back to two posts from then. (Scroll down this page until you see blog titles on the left. Click on 2005, and look for "Well, Here's a Fine Pickle" from 12/15/05. Then, go to 2006, and look for "Revisiting the Fine Pickle" from 2/23/06.)

I'll wait while you catch up.....almost done? Okie dokie.

Guess who is back? Yep. Mr.

I forgot to follow up on the old post, that he'd emailed my alter-ego (the one who stood him up) and said he'd realized he had a lot to lose at home and was stopping the nonsense. Forever.

Fast forward to last night. He IMed me out of the blue. He recognized my ID (real, not the alter ego) and saw I had moved. I asked how he'd been and he said he'd send some pics. Boy, howdy, did he.

He's apparently doing fine. All over his house. His family's house. With many women. At once.

But the pictures also show his kind and considerate side. He covered his wife's sofa (the one with the handmade afghan on it) and bed with towels before fucking lots of other women on them.

He sent me ELEVEN pictures of this.

I still have her email address. I forwarded it all to her.

I really don't have words bad enough to describe what a scumbag this man is.


Sgt said...

Nothing picks up chicks like sending them emails with pictures of you "doing" other woman on your wife's favorite couch.

You'd like to think these kinds of people don't exist... but then you learn better.

Blogget Jones said...

No effing kidding. This guy has serious problems. So many that I hardly know where to begin.

It makes me sad to see that someone is doing this to their family, and caring so little as to invite these women into his home. What a violation.

Just having IM contact from him made me want to go scrub myself with antibacterial soap.

darth sardonic said...

fucking brilliant with forwarding the pics to the wife. first time i have really smiled today, heh heh.

Blogget Jones said...

Thanks :o) And glad that made you smile!

I hate to cause that woman pain, but she HAS to know about this. In herhome, for God's sake.

If you read the old posts about him, you'll see that it's not the first time I've done that sort of thing to him.

I'm just soooo not someone to fuck with.