Wednesday, July 14, 2010

But will it actually help?

I was watching TV late last night and saw an episode of Kathy Griffin's show in which she explored the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy issue. This has been the policy concerning gays in the military for quite some time, and now a repeal is in process.

But as the people with the hidden identities talked about this issue on her show, I had to wonder if the repercussions they fear from having their identities known will actually be alleviated when this policy is no more. Sure, they'll finally be able to be "out," but will they want to be? Will they still face the same bias and prejudice that caused this policy in the first place?

It seems a shame to celebrate the demise of a prejudicial policy, just to find gays are still forced to hide because the underlying attitudes are not impacted after all. I suppose what I'm asking is....will a change in legislation bring acceptance, in a military population accustomed to the opposite?