Wednesday, February 25, 2004

So, in the beginning there's me -- Blogget Jones. Annoying (by design) alarm wakes me....and wakes me....and wakes me.... Snooze buttons are the bane of my existence. In the gray light of morning, anyway. I leave myself enough time to cozy in under my quilts and watch the latest "Local on the 8's" before dragging my butt to the shower. Sometimes I brave the scale.

Today was a tiny relief -- 1 pound down, after eating like an idiot yesterday. Maybe I did better today. Maybe.

Listen to my get-your-blood-pumping rock 'n' roll in the shower, try to make some rhyme and reason of my hair, then wake the family.

Important point #1 - "family" does not include a warm body under those cozy quilts. No hubby. Anymore. My choice, without proclaiming the details here. I've had two offers since then, I have two people who depend on me and anyone I bring into their lives needs to be *stable*.

And why is that so hard to find? Have I mentioned yet that I really hate the dating scene? The Internet has added a lovely dimension, don't you think? Now, a guy doesn't have to worry about that ol' slap in the face if he's rude. He can just send you a quickie IM and say those sweet nothings: "Wanna f**k?" And the worst that happens is he gets ignored.

Of course, some think they have some finesse to that process. They don't say such things immediately. They butter you up with, "Hello." and "How are you?" and "What are you up to this evening?" Then they close in with the smoothest of them all...."So, what do you do for fun?" READ: "Wanna f**k?"

::sigh:: Sure, I want to. Everyone wants to. But will I? No. Why? Because there's more to me than that.

So, I continue in my search for the man who has eyes I can fall into, a voice that caresses, a body that protects, a soul that is humble, a heart that longs to make me smile, a mouth that speaks truth and consideration, ears that listen and learn, hands that are equally well-equipped for giving and receiving, and a mind that is crisp, clear, open, and searching.

And taller than 5'10".

Is that so much to ask?!

Allrighty then. I digressed big time. Goodnight world. More another time. Soon.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

So, this is the beginning of the blogs of Blogget Jones. In the coming days, I'll plot out for you the details of my work, home, and social life. Hopefully, some of it will be interesting. Some won't be, I'm sure. But I feel a need to record, so here I am.

Settle in. Get comfy. And have fun!