Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lesson #1....

....about dealing with the Blogget-girl is to never, ever order me to do something, unless you have the express authority to do so. To attempt to do this makes you (put bluntly) a fuckwit.

I also don't take challenges to my intelligence or abilities nicely. Old BF said, in our early days of dating, "I bet you don't even know how to make chocolate chip cookies." He thought it would make me prove him wrong.

My great-grandfather was a baker. He owned 18 bakeries, and worked in each one. He invented pre-mixed cake mix. I. Can. Make. Cookies. Dammit.

But not for old BF. Never for old BF. Fuckwit.

Stubborn much?

Today, a certain administrator in the School of Nursing here became a fuckwit.

Boys and girls, you cannot write a contract with an external company and include a clause in it that says, "And [Blogget] must help us complete this monstrous, pain-in-the-ass project...." without asking Blogget. Or Blogget's boss. We are not happy.

And we wouldn't have known about it if the people in Purchasing hadn't thought, "You know, I wonder if [Blogget] has heard about this?" before they paid the contract. Good thinkin' in that office.

They aren't fuckwits.


Sgt said...

I'm not sure what was worse. Getting written into a deal without knowing about it, or them writing deals purposely trying to circumvent me when they know they needed me.

fuckwits... good word!

Blogget Jones said...

Oh, ouch, Sgt. That would bug me, too!

This situation was made worse by my territorial nature. They made a contract for some external yahoo to build something in MY system. Okay, so it's the college's system, but *I* am in charge of it! I should have been included in all these discussions.

So, next week, they get to sit down and explain it to me. I've already changed their contract with my own provisions. Those idiots didn't even include a clause where we'd OWN the product once it was done.

Fuckwits. ;o) But I can't take credit for that's from my namesake. Er, or I'm her namesake....whatever!

Thanks! ;o)

Sassy Blondie said...

Sometimes wine and a gun are needed items.

Blogget Jones said...

Haha, Sassy! I'll remember that on Thursday, when I meet with this administrator and the head of the external company.

I scheduled the meeting to be in my office, on my turf. The administrator quickly proposed that we meet in the campus cafe instead. No dice, chickadee. Yes, I'm pissed, and yes, you'll make it right or I'll kill your deal.

Wine and a gun, indeed!!

CruiserMel said...

*adding fuckwit to my repertoire*

Blogget Jones said...

LOL It's such a handy word!!