Thursday, October 25, 2007


You, my lovely lady blog mates, amaze me. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful pearls of wisdom you've shared with me over my last blog entry. I sure needed it. And your support, encouragement, and affection have been priceless. Thanks for helping buoy my spirits and alleviate my self-doubts when I'm feeling like the world has beat me up, yet again.

New Fella called early Tuesday night, and the conversation was as normal as ever. I've noticed that when he gets tired, he's a little abrupt and cranky. It's just an edge he gets, but no biggie.

He did share something with me that gives me yet another thought to obsess about. His daughter needs a new job. Hers is commission-dependent and in the mortgage industry. Bad place to be right now, if you're interested in making money. Add to that the possibility that son's income might be leaving the household; he's seriously considering joining the Army. New Fella has been able to swing two interviews for daughter. One is with the school district where he works and the other is another hour's drive past that. If she were to get the second job, they would relocate to the town where he works. An hour away.

He said they might rent a small place up there and keep the house here. Maybe, if they're making enough. They'd be saving his $300 in gas, even though she'd be driving an hour each way to work. But renting a place where she'd be working is difficult because it's very popular with the rich and famous set, making it expensive to live there.

An hour away. I wonder what he thinks that would mean for us? I know it's a selfish thought, but I have to think of that.

I was talking to my lesbian friend about this and what he does for a living. She asked if he would be interested in a position here, where we live. She actually has the contacts to pull that off. I'll have to find a way to ask him that, though, and not seem like I'm interfering or being selfish.

Anywho....that's what happened the night after the other talk. It's been a great week. I didn't hear from him last night (and you'll be shocked, but he'd promised he'd call Wednesday). His evenings are so busy at work tonight and tomorrow night that he might not even come back home until Saturday. So, I have no clue if I'll see him Saturday or not.

Knowing I probably wouldn't talk to him later in the week, I asked on Tuesday about watching a particular movie this weekend, but he was non-committal. "Saturday is too far away to think about, " he said, which is normal. He doesn't do a lot of advanced planning. Like, any.

So, if I don't see him this weekend, then I won't see him for another two weeks. I'll be in Utah next weekend, running around with former coworkers from Texas Tech, friends from LSU and other schools across the country. And one new friend, it seems, from South Carolina who spent the afternoon e-flirting with me through the conference listserv. We're such geeks, I swear.

Again, we'll see.... I have a gut feeling that Saturday won't happen, though.


Krissie said...

And the blows just keep on coming.

I hope it'll all work out.

Blogget Jones said...

I know. Very discouraging. It's making me very tired, at a time when I have a lot going on otherwise and need all my energy. When it rains, I suppose....

I hope for it to work out, too. I'm so weary of getting hurt....