Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Look at this photograph....

I've been collecting pictures from this area and thought I'd finally do something with them. So, here's a few images (some good quality and some really bad) about why I love where I live. This has been a great move.

This is where I work:

This is the view near my house (springtime view of the Colorado National Monument):

This is springtime where I USED to live:

Here, R2D2 hangs out downtown:

And so does a dinosaur. I found it hiding under a tree. (This van actually has the triceratops horns on the front, over the roof, and a tail down the back.):

My pictures from the Mike the Headless Chicken Festival didn't come out. So, you'll just have to imagine the lead singer of a classic rock cover band, in his white shirt and flouncy red blouse (who hit on the ladies a LOT). And the little old lady in the chicken-head hat, doing the Chicken Dance (it was a contest). Expect some pictures next year, though!

The days are turning cooler and the evenings are getting cold. My back porch faces the Bookcliffs, which look spectacular in the sunset (below, from my camera phone). I watch the darkness move in and count my blessings.

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Anonymous said...

Love the views... Keep them coming through the season...Colorado is supposed to be one of the best photo spots in the world.

Blogget Jones said...

Thanks! And it's true. This town is surrounded by the Bookcliffs, the Colorado National Monument, and the Grand Mesa. And the leaves are starting to turn here. I'll try to get more pics this week.

Sgt said...

Hmmm.. R2D2 Postal Box.. next to the wedding dress store... coincidence?

Great pics!

Blogget Jones said...

Good eye, Sgt! I didn't even notice that and I took the pic!

Maybe I need to go back to visit R2 and his immediate locale.... No, no, no! Can't let those girlish daydreams intrude on reality! That's getting me waaaaayyyy ahead of myself!


Mighty Dyckerson said...

What a shit hole! I don't see a titty bar or Dyck Mart in any of those pictures.

Blogget Jones said...

wel...not in my neighborhood, dyck....