Monday, October 15, 2007

Okay, I'm a pathetic weenie

So, the "Crap Weekend" post revealed my not-so-pretty obsessively panicky side. Again. I could delete it, but that would be dishonest.... I'm a ball of insecurities that I manage to conceal to the world at large, to appear as a kick-ass college admin, so that I can spill it all over the floor and walls of my blog, for all of my diary pals to tiptoe through.

I sent that one pathetic text when New Fella was leaving town. I sent another yesterday, when he was probably on the road, telling him to be safe and that my home phone is working again. See, my cell has been crapping out only when I'm at home, and my home phone broke. But that's another rant (moral of the story: Sprint SUCKS).

He's said he'd call Sunday night, when they got back. I think he forgot that Game 3 of the NLCS was on. The man doesn't talk during a Broncos game or a Rockies game (which I can totally understand). So, the game is over about 10:00, but he usually crashes on a work night by 9:30. Add to that the fact that he's bad about calling in the first place. Not a pretty picture for the Blogget-girl, is it?

As I write that, it all looks really reasonable as to why he didn't call. So, I was hoping for another early-morning call, like last week. No. My phone was silent. Except for Old BF, who still calls multiple times a day (yet another story).

I'm at work, trying to concentrate on this presentation I have to give in Utah in November. You know my obsessive nature by now. Can you imagine the scenarios running through me head? I'm thinking of all the things I'll miss about him and that will remind me of him once he's dumped me. If I ever talk to him again. Maybe he'll do like the last one and start ignoring me. I don't deal well with being ignored. How will I contain that? What mental gymnastics do I need to do so that this pain isn't so bad? I hate being someone guys can so easily forget about. Why is GOD doing this to me again??

It's a spiraling train to Hell, I tell ya.

Just then, my phone goes off. It's the lightsaber sound, which means a text. Has to be my son, since he's text-addicted and messages me all the time. I know he has homework he ignored, so what can it be now?

I brace myself and flip open the phone, to see the "missed" list.

The name staring back at me is New Fella's.

He texted me. He actually texted me. You see, I recently had a conversation with his daughter in which we surmised he didn't know how to use texting. He read texts, but called to answer them. One weekend with his 15-year-old son, and he texts me.

"Hey, thanks 4 the notes. trip was good but hectic. talk 2 you 2 night."

I feel much better now.


Krissie said...

This is one happy "I told you so!" I'm saying to you! :)

Blogget Jones said...

I'm so glad you are able to say that, Krissie!

Maybe one of these days I'll quit doubting myself so much....

The HOR blogger said...

Aw hell at least you don't have to feel weird about ME reading this. Shit I would have went into not eating or SUPER eating mode (depending on the day) by that point and would have been perfectly useless at work. I don't know if it's a chick thing or an everybody thing or a low self esteem person thing but I'm a passenger on that boat :)

I'm glad he messaged you, have a good talk tonight! :)

Blogget Jones said...

Oh, I ate all sorts of CRAP all weekend! It was my mom's birthday, so we had birthday cake all weekend. Ugh. And guess what? I lost three pounds. WTF?!

And at least I have good company on this boat ;o)

Can't wait to talk to him tonight. Of course, it must be before 8:00 because that's when the Rockies play. LOL

Simply Curious said...

Aw. That was the sweetest ending to a post I've read in a long time! Such a good feeling, isn't it?

And yes, Sprint sucks.

Blogget Jones said...

Curious -- It IS a good feeling! Thanks :o)

And I did get to talk to him tonight. Basketball season has started now. He's exhausted from the trip, first day of practice, and staying up late to watch Rockies games ;o)

Guess what he said when he got off the phone? "I'll talk to you later tonight." LOL Funny guy. I think he really believes he'll call.... Poor guy is so phone-challenged....

CruiserMel said...

My cell doesn't work well at my house either. What's up with that?

I was getting worried halfway through this post....but it ended all sweet and cozy. Awwww.

Blogget Jones said...

Do you have Sprint, too? I'm SO mad at them!

Yeah, that text did a lot for my mood that day! Certainly stopped the spiraling train! LOL