Tuesday, October 16, 2007

For those keeping score....

....I have two points to cover.

First -- do the Rockies ROCK or what?!?! The game started late (for me) last night and I knew I wouldn't make it to midnight. I echoed New Fella's sentiments -- they'd better got 7 or 8 runs on the board early on so I can go to bed! Well, 6 runs in the 4th inning was good enough for me!

Second -- yes, that means I talked to him last night. Did he call? No. I wasn't taking any chances with a Rockies game starting at 8:15 MST. I called at 7:30, while he was still on the road back from work.

Good conversation, about his basketball season starting, what I did all weekend, when he'll see his younger son again, the Rockies, and Iraq. He told me he loves coaching football, but basketball is (in his words) "my game." Except that the floor makes his knees hurt. He should see his son again at Christmas time. I already mentioned the Rockies -- dang, what a series to watch! And Iraq....

This is a tough subject. Anything close to political is. New Fella and I already discovered, much to our mutual relief, that we are perfectly aligned politically. And it's a hard match-up to find in this area, which tends to be quite liberal. But we also are not fond of talking politics, so we don't.

However, his former son-in-law (who had been a athlete he coached when the boy was in high school) is still close to their family. He's married again, but keeps in touch with daughter. Personally, if he'd done to me what he did to her, I'd never speak to him again. But I think she feels somewhat responsible, so they are very amicable. No kids involved.

Anywho.... FSIL is a Marine. They just learned he's been severely wounded in Iraq. He's on his way back, to the hospital at Camp Pendleton. His injuries are not life-threatening, but his spirits are very poor. He blames himself. "If I'd done my job better, then this wouldn't have happened." He doesn't want the Purple Heart he's been issued. New Fella is saying that he'll take it and keep it safe, in case FSIL ever changes his mind. He and daughter are also talking about taking a trip out there to see him. New Fella apparently has a knack for saying what this kid needs to hear, when he needs to hear it. He wants to make a difference.

"Just let anyone say a word cross-ways to me about the troops in Iraq right now," he said, "and I'll rip them a new one." Fiercely protective of home and family, this one.

I have to be in Utah during the first weekend in November. It might be a good time for them to go, too. We'll see.


CruiserMel said...

He sounds like a very good man, indeed. And finding someone who doesn't have that liberal bent (or who isn't just so friggin' adamant about all things anti-conservative) these days IS hard to find. Hang on to that one.

Blogget Jones said...

Amen to that. All of it!