Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Winds of Change

It's been very windy here on the Western Slope of Colorado lately.  It seems appropriate.

After talking with my family, I decided to see what would possibly be available to me in Virginia.  A few feelers wouldn't hurt, and those things take forever to pan out (and often don't), anyhow.

I looked. And waited.  And looked some more. And waited.

The phone rang twice.

The first time, the people turned out to be so unprofessional that I wouldn't work with them, in any case.  Rude people are not who I want to spend all day, every day, working with. Life is too short for that.

The second time, though.  Now, that was golden.

And quick.  I was out there interviewing so fast that I didn't know what hit me.  I showed them what I can do.  I kicked ass.  They said they'd make a decision in a week or so.  "We hope you like us as much as we like you," they said.

By the time a week had passed, I'd already accepted the job and put in my notice at work (which has caused general panic and mayhem).

And they want me there soon.  Very soon.

So Blogget and her pups and her family are trucking it to Virginia.

This brings particular challenges.  Like, I can't drive.  We don't have a place to live yet.  I'll be there on my own for a couple of weeks, at least, before anyone else gets there.  How do I get the dogs there?  And Daughter's car?  When are the moving trucks coming and where are they going?  And where is the money coming from?


Can I fast forward until this part is all done?

I'm both frightened and excited about the new adventure.  I've never lived by the coast before.  I've not lived in a large city.  I haven't lived in the East!

Buckle up, dear Diary.  We're in for quite a ride for the next few weeks.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Sound of Silence

Sometimes, the quiet surface of the water hides a strong undertow, dear Diary.

I've been silent a long time.  Many things have happened, good and bad.  Change is on the wind today.  Time for an update, from this very bad blogger.

Daughter is enjoying her mission.  I spoke with her by FaceTime on Christmas Day, and that was glorious.  I hear from her in email each Monday, and those are glorious emails!  She is so happy!  I miss her terribly, but what a wondrous adventure she is having!

Son is still adrift.  My dad's death has knocked him for a loop.  I'm hoping change is on the horizon for him, too, and in a positive way.  He needs to find what makes his heart go pitter-patter and makes his blood warm.  I wish that so much for him.

For my part of things, my eyes are still a challenge.  I've had three surgeries since we last spoke, dear Diary.  That's five in all.  My left eye is currently filled with silicone oil, which is holding my retina in place.  It doesn't look good, dear Diary, as far as the prognosis goes.  The right eye is improving, but needs injections every four weeks to keep the swelling and damage at bay.  

I really try hard to not let this slow me down, as much as possible.  My boss says I'm her hero, for all my perseverance.  I don't know about that, but I just can't let this bring me to a standstill.  I just cannot!  Maybe I'm just stubborn.  I've gotten to know accessibility features and other help resources very well so that I can keep on keepin' on!  Traveling internationally was interesting, but American Airlines did a brilliant job of helping me get where I needed to go.  And the assistance folks at the airport in Manchester are unparalleled.  I love them!

So, I did go back to England in November.  It was cloudy and chilly and rainy - and beautiful to me!  Each town has a Christmas Market that pops up in the town square, with food and booths with all kinds of wares for perfect gift-giving.  I spent time in Bradford, Leeds, Nottingham, and Manchester. Of course, the Robin Hood lore was irresistible in Nottingham, and I fell in love with Nottingham lace.  And a lovely little cafe for rescue kitties who are up for adoption.  Coffee and kitties.  A fantastic concept!

BB took good care of getting me from place to place without a disaster.  We had the best time together, as usual!  I miss him so much when we're apart.  I had another guest appearance on his radio show, which was a blast and a half.  Talk about Star Wars?  Don't mind if I do!  AND I got to meet his family!  We spent an evening with his dad and aunt and uncle.  Then an afternoon with his grandmother and evening with his mother, stepdad, and sister.  Such fun!  They were all so sweet to me!  Lovely people.  I enjoyed them thoroughly. The only weird thing is that his mother is actually a year and a few months younger than me....  She knows this and has said it's okay with her, as long as her boy is happy.  And he is!  There's a sizable age difference between her and BB's dad, so they can't really argue the point, but there you have it.  It feels a little hinky when we hang out with her.  Perhaps that will get better?

His sister was full of all kinds of questions about the USA.  She's a teenager and brimming with curiosity.  By the end of the evening, they all wanted to come visit me here, so that's a good sign!  We're all friends on Facebook now.

I have to admit, we were all scared of Christmas this year.  How would it be without Dad?  And without Daughter?  So, we decided to go spend it with my sister's family in Virginia.  We were there about 10 days, enjoying each other's company and all the sights of the area.  So much history!  I spent a lot of time at the Smithsonian, and I'd happily spend more!  I love history and culture.  That area has all of that by the bucket loads.  I couldn't get enough.

It was good to have us all together, to be a family.  We talked about Dad, but kept the sadness at bay by rejoicing in our common memories.  Now, I know, I'm not particularly close to my sister, but I see where she wants that to change and get better.  I'm wary by nature, but perhaps we can get there a bit at a time.

Son was delightful while we were there.  He was happy and laughing and enjoying everyone and all the things to do.

So, we talked about it when we got home.  Should the family be together, all the time?  Mom is selling her house anyhow.  Should we make a move?

Of course, all of that depends on me having a job.  As I said, I don't let the eyes slow me down.  I have continued to work very successfully, even being (as the English called it) "partially sighted."  No one guesses the struggles I'm having, unless they happen to spot the quiet accommodations I make for my sight.

Is this something we could really do?  Totally leave the West behind for far away lands?  Leave the familiar and start over now?

Stay tuned, dear Diary.  For now, this entry has gotten long enough. I will go find food and be back to discuss the possibilities soon!