Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Those who don't listen....and those who do

I've resolved myself to the idea that some people are just not teachable, when it comes to cyberspace. Well, education in cyberspace. How ironic is that?

I work with higher education faculty, teaching them to teach online. I've seen a good deal of success in this field. One of the most technology-challenged professors here is now teaching totally online courses. It took some hand-holding, but then sweet success! I love it!

But it's hard to hold a hand when the arms are folded. That's what was staring across the desk at me today. Pinch-faced, arms tightly folded. This woman should not teach online, and I honest-to-God hope she feels the same way.

The moment I knew I could do nothing to improve this woman's experience or opinion came when she, her colleague, and I were sitting in my office. Her colleague and co-instructor was saying, "But this didn't happen because of the system....this is MY fault. I did it wrong." And she had. She was right. It was user-error and we all knew it. Except this woman. No matter what evidence is presented to her, she is going to insist to me and everyone else that the computer created a problem for her, all on its own and with malice in it's nasty little mainframe heart. And I'm fairly sure she hates me personally for it, too.

Ah well. To quote our IT admin on the topic: "Eff her. Bitch." It's been a lovely day all around. Made a little brighter by an elderly professor, who spent an hour in my office learning to put her PowerPoints online, when she said, "Dear, they don't pay you enough." Or give me enough days off. Please tell my boss.

A long-distance online friend of mine made me feel a little better about New Fella's mixed signals on Game Day. He asked how that day went, and I told him. Without missing a beat, he said, "He didn't know what to say about you. And he's their coach. Their undefeated coach. He can't risk the rumor mill in a small town until he knows what's what with you."

Hmm. Could be right. This was another guy's kneejerk reaction to the situation. Could it be right? He went on to explain that this was the wrong approach to take, that New Fella screwed up with that, but to let it just be a mistake and nothing more.

Could he be right? Anyone else have that impression?

Thanks for listening ;o)


Driving With the Brakes On said...

I'm still catching-up on what's what with New Fella, but I do agree with your friends' analysis of the situation. Though they will never admit it, men of a respectable age are just like women at any age: they guard themselves carefully against heartbreak and disappointment - as well as the teasing of junior high school students! Nerves, uncertainty, and the fact that you were going to be watching him doing HIS thing . . . chalk it up as a mistake.

I am amazed at how resistant to technology people remain to be. I am not always a fan of how much it has taken over the way the world operates, but it has made so many things so much easier that I just don't understand not jumping on the bandwagon. I guess you sometimes can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Will be catching-up on New Fella soon and stopping by often!

(Where in CO are you? We are in SE Aurora/Centennial.)

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Turn those old school marms on to internet porn. They'll change their attitude in a hurry!

Blogget Jones said...

Hey, Driving! I'm in Grand Junction....a little ways away! New here and loving it so far.

Okay, I think you're right about New Fella's "mistake." I appreciate what you're saying about men of a "respectable age," too. I think he's as guarded and over-careful as I am.... I think there are things we are both scared to say. I might have to push my comfort zone!

On the technology front, I just wish the old dogs who didn't want to learn new tricks weren't such barkers.... Yap, yap, yap! All the time!


Blogget Jones said...

LOL dyck....yeah, that would silence the barking for awhile, wouldn't it? Well, at least that kind of barking.... ;o)

KP said...

Also you said you two haven't had the "we're eclusive" talk. He probably didn't know how to refer to you. Didn't want to make assumptions...or embarrass himself. You know? I love your blog. My mind works a lot like yours. It's tough to keep that inner doubt quiet.

KP said...

I meant exclusive.

The HOR blogger said...

Blogget! I've missed out on a lot this weekend and past two days but I'm back and caught up.

WOW. Just wow at all that's happened. I have to say I love seeing that you are being such a friend to New Fella and he is responding to you. Ya know I was thinking today that maybe it really REALLY IS a good thing that you haven't had sex yet. You know how they say (and how true it is) that sex messes with peoples heads - and I'm thinking that you two have so much to deal with right now that sex would only complicate things and make the waters less clear for him (and you) at a time where he's dealing with family issues AND you guys are trying to figure each other out.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying never have sex (or wait any longer than you WANT to ;) ) but just that it's probably been a blessing in disguise to have obstained.

And your work? More Power TO YOU!! I'll send you prayers and happy thoughts and good vibes - whatever I can because DANG you've got a hard job. I really couldn't imagine doing it myself. *Pat* *Pat* on the back for keeping your cool like you do. :)

Blogget Jones said...

KP - I thought about that, too. "The Talk" hasn't happened and we both seem to be gun-shy enough to not want to be the one to bring it up first. I think. So, maybe it's time I try that.....we're going on two months of dating.

I'm glad you love my blog! And aren't self-doubts a beautiful thing? Makes my life soooo much more difficult, but I can't seem to keep it down. Why can't I just be calm? Ugh.

Hor-gal - Glad to see you're back among the bloggers!! And I couldn't agree more. What I prayed for was intimacy and affection. I think I've gotten that, just in ways I didn't expect. And in better ways. More meaningful ways. I think God knows what he's doing better than I do.... ;o)

And thanks on my job! It's a battle sometimes, but I can handle that. Keeps me interested :o) And it gives me something else to blog about! LOL

darth sardonic said...

i think i am just gonna link you, lol. bit of a link-whore, me.

Blogget Jones said...

LOL am I....

And thanks ;o)