Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm completely silly.... a school girl. I swear. If I haven't already, I'm bound to eventually make you nauseous with all the New Fella shit. So, go sip some Sprite because it's not going to stop for a loooong time!

Last night, he was supposed to call me back after they finished watching a movie ("1408," for anyone who cares). He never did. I know.....shocking. I was a little disappointed that we didn't have our usual Sunday evening how's-your-week-look check-in, but I'm a big girl and held it together nicely (no paranoia, thankyouverymuch!).

This morning, I had to run to Walmart before work. Heading in, I realized I left my phone in the car. I decided it could stay there because (1) I wouldn't be in long and (2) nobody calls me at 7:30 in the gosh-dog morning anyhow.

Except for today.

When I got back to the car, I had a voicemail. From New Fella.

I had to look twice and make sure I was reading it right. Maybe he'd called the night before and I was just now getting the message? My phone service at home has been stupid lately. And I mean STUPID. If I sit at my desk, I might get a signal. But if I don't tilt my chin up, no one can hear me. STUPID, I say.

ANYHOW, it wasn't from last night. It was from this morning. I was a little concerned because I never hear from him in the morning. I mean, never.

No need for concern. But it brought me a big smile.

"Hello. Good morning! How are you doing?" Okay, this part gets me for two reasons. First, he's stopped identifying himself. Second, he's asking my voicemail how I'm doing. Cracks me up.

"Just calling to say Hi, and apologize for not getting back to you last night. We watched the movie and then I had to clean things up and then it was pretty late." Okay, he's never explained why he didn't call before. In fact, I usually assume he doesn't even remember it. And silly boy doesn't know I was up until 1:30 this morning. That happens a lot.

"So, I just wanted to say Hi. So, I'll talk to you this afternoon. Or this evening. Have a good day, okay? Take care."

His voicemail-voice cracks me up, anyhow, because he really sounds like he's chatting with the voicemail, rambling and saying "ANYhow" a lot, and even sometimes yawning in the middle of it. Very funny.

But this brought me a different kind of smile because this just might mean he missed that conversation, too. And that he thought of me this morning. I often wonder if he does think of me during the day. I know....silly Blogget-girl. But I am a Girl. I wonder silly things sometimes.

I saved the voicemail. It will come in handy when I need a smile this week, while I'm kicking some Nursing School ass.

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