Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Poor SC

I finally heard from South Carolina. He sounds terrible. The help his ex needed was psychiatric.

He decided to come home early one day, close to two weeks ago. He found his ex writing a note. A suicide note. And she had his handgun beside her.

"If I'd been 30 minutes later...," he said.

Ex's sister has returned from Iraq to be with her, and their son has moved in, too. South Carolina feels his presence isn't helping, since she doesn't recall their split and divorce. He's moved into a coworker's house. A large house with plenty of room for him, he says.

She has had in-patient and out-patient care. She's heavily sedated. She still tries to call him, but she's groggy most of the time. His heart breaks for her, and he feels wrung out from it all. He's exhausted, but not sleeping. He's lost 12 pounds in two weeks.

"I know I'm far away," I said. "But what can I do to help you?"

"I could use a backrub," he says. "But that's not possible...."

"I would if I could," I say. "You know that, yes?"

"Yes. Thank you."

"Maybe in March. I can give you a bit of an oasis, then. I know it's awhile off, but how about the backrub then? In the meantime, call me anytime you need to."

"Okay. I will. I appreciate that."

Then, I told him to get some sleep, and he did. I haven't talked to him again, but my heart just breaks for his situation, and for what his ex must be going through. For her, it must be like a walking death, having lost everything she could once do and rely on. If you're a praying person, include her, okay?


~ellen~ said...

How tragic. She's in my thoughts, and so is he... how very stressful for him.

Blogget Jones said...

It's such a sad story! I know he feels like he needs to help care for her, but I think it's reached it's breaking point for him. I with I knew how to help!

~ellen~ said...

I have no doubt that having someone sympathetic and understanding to talk to helps him a lot. And having something to look forward to can also be a big help.

They are in such a sad situation, I feel so bad for them both.