Saturday, February 23, 2008

Notes from all over

Old BF called Friday afternoon. I really think we're on different planets.

"My dad is going to sell me is rent house," he said. His dad owns a couple of places in nice neighborhoods in Dallas. "I was thinking that your kids will be out of school in about five years. We need to start planning now."

"Planning? For what?"

"For getting married. This way, I can have a nice house for us to live in."

Okay, how many things can be wrong with one statement? All I could do was stammer.

"Uhm....married? You can't give me that life. And the house is in Dallas. I live in Colorado. I'm not living in Dallas."

And it deteriorated from there. Apparently, I'm wrong to still be mad about eight years of cheating and lying. I'm wrong to not trust him. I'm wrong to not be madly head-over-heels with him. Apparently, he's determined that since he isn't seeing anyone, we're still hunky-dory. My kids will grow, move on in their lives, and I'll quit my job and move to Dallas.

Uhm. No.

When I pointed out all the problems with this line of thinking, he said, "I'm not arguing about this with you." I said, okay, and hung up. That's the last I've talked to him. He's never gone 48 hours without calling me. We might have a breakthrough here.

On other fronts, I'm not calling Fella. I've had it with all of our conversations being one-sided and all about him. Pardon me, but I have stresses, too. A little give and take here would be nice. He hasn't called me unprompted in three weeks. Enough.

On still other fronts, I talked to Greg on Friday. Two things happened this week to improve his situation. First, he's been promoted. Second, I put the word out that he needed some help, so my reliable pals made appearances in his section this week, and they are good about tipping appropriately.

Friday afternoon, I checked in with him to see how the week went. I heard about the promotion and about the good tips. "I owe you big time," he said. Then, he lowered his voice.

"Do you know how hot you are? You gotta get your butt down here to see me."

I laughed. "I'll be there in two weeks. The 8th through the 13th. Not sure what time yet."

"Excellent. Let me know."

" Do you think you'll get some time off then?"

"Well, this week has really helped the possibility of taking a day off. I'd like to take a day or two to have with you."

"That would be excellent."

"It would. I can't wait to see you."

Then, he had to go. I was left smiling, and thinking about how quickly I want two weeks to go by.

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