Saturday, February 02, 2008

An up-and-down Saturday

A little here and there, on this atypical Saturday. It's atypical because we don't actually have anything scheduled today. That never happens!

First, does anyone know what would cause the blood vessels on the inside of your lower eyelid to burst? You can't tell anything's wrong from the outside, but the inside of my lower lid is a deep red and I had blood in the tear duct this morning. Maybe it's related to the dehydration earlier this week? It's been hard to stay hydrated since then.

That's gross. Sorry, dear diary!

Second, my son really needs to find a girlfriend who isn't embroiled in drama. Serious drama. He has the tendency to be attracted to girls who need to be "rescued." This one has a bizarre home life. Her folks split up with when her mom refused to participate in the swinger lifestyle. However, her dad has custody of the kids, and they all live with a couple, who he got "married" to in Las Vegas last year. I'm thinking that there's a part of the story we don't know, given that the mother is allowed visitation with the kids for only two hours on two weekday evenings.

Well, this girlfriend wants to live with her mom. So, mom approached dad about it the other night. The man goes ballistic, says something horrible to her, and she hits him. Hits him. He calls the police, and her butt is in jail. Way to go, on showing you're fit to have your teenager back. So, this dad has not put the clamps on daughter, because she wants to live with her mom, and she's not allowed to see anyone. This means my son is all broody about it. I spent last night talking to him about why it's a bad idea to decide to marry her right out of high school, so he can save her from her home life.


But he's 16. He's had a couple of good meals and is in a better attitude now. He's telling me right now that he's hungry again.

Third, I have been concerned about South Carolina. He's been completely silent for the whole week. No texts, no emails, no calls, and not even online for IMs. I sent a text, expressing concern and that I hope all is well. No response. Finally, I get a message this morning. "It's been a crisis week with [ex-wife]. Had to take the whole week to find her the help she needs. Take care and talk to you soon." He was afraid she'd need full-time care, and it seems something has happened to make her situation worse. I feel bad for her.

Lastly, I had a nice lunch with Fella. He laughed at me this morning because when he called at 10:45, I was still in bed. I didn't have anything to actually do today, so I was enjoying Lazy Time. He said I should be doing exactly that because it's rare that it happens.

Then, he asked. "So, if you decided to get up and going, how long would it take you to get ready?"

I thought about it. "Oh, about an hour."

"You want some lunch with me? I need to do my taxes today, so I don't know if I can get out tonight, but we could have lunch."

"Well, do you want to do that first, then do something tonight."

"No," he said, with conviction. "I am hungry NOW."

I laughed, and got ready. We met at a little Chinese place nearby. He was more rested and upbeat than I've seen him in awhile. Son left for boot camp this week. His diabetes is much better. He was eating spicy food. For him, it was a good moment.

We talked about sn and the Army, about family events, about work. He showed genuine interest in how my week had been. In the middle of everything, his cell phone rang. It was son, making his first call (the first they allowed) since starting boot camp. Fella was relieved to hear from him. Son said it was tougher than he imagined, but he did not complain. This is a big deal because son often complains.

Fella relaxed today. He chatted at length about a lot of things. For THREE HOURS. Finally, his mother called and asked for his help doing the grocery shopping. If she hadn't called, we might still be sitting there!

He promised to call if he finished his paperwork in time for a movie. I talked to him a bit ago and it's going slower than expected, so no movie tonight. "I'll have to see how tomorrow goes. My niece might have a Super Bowl party, but I haven't heard anything definite," he explained. "If that doesn't come together, maybe you and I can do something." His tone was earnest. He wants to get together again, before I leave town.

We'll see how it pans out. I really don't think we'll end up doing anything tomorrow. It just doesn't ever work out that way. But it's interesting that he wants it to.


holly said...

he fit you into his taxwork schedule! that's sweet.

Dhor said...

It looks like things might be finaly looking up for him! That would be quite nice - perhaps for the both of you ;)
Good LUCK!!!! :)

Queeny said...

Sounds like the day wasn't all bad, broody son with drama queen girlfriend and SC with ex issues notwithstanding.

Hope the week goes better, though.