Monday, February 11, 2008

In the words of Dhor.....


Yesterday afternoon, I remembered a conversation with Greg, in which he said, "If anyone at the restaurant asks, you're an old friend of mine from Colorado, here for a visit. Okay?" Cool by me. See, I can't be just another customer, or he'll get fired for being too friendly.

So, why was this memory important? I hatched an idea for letting Greg know I was still in town. I called the restaurant and talked to a very helpful hostess. She was very sympathetic to an old friend of Greg's, in town for a short time and that time happened to coincide with him being off work. Oh yeah....and this friend had money she owed him. Lends a sense of urgency, dontcha know.

Knowing his phone doesn't work, I said, "I must have written his phone number down wrong, and I can't reach him. Can you leave a message for him that I'm in town until Tuesday?" I gave the hotel phone number. She even looked up the number they had for him to see if it matched what I had. I switched one digit and she gave me his phone number anyhow.

So, I pouted all day and felt the uselessness of my little plan in the pit of my stomach. Chances were slim to none that he'd call in, unless he felt better and decided to pick up a shift on his day off. Crap. Crappity, crap, crap.

I turned in about 1:00 this morning. I woke up at 7 AM, when my phone went off. I had a text from my daughter. "Send this to 8 people and someone you miss will want to be with you today!" If only it was that simple, I thought. And then I got sad. How pointless it was for me to be here. I should've caught that 7:10 AM flight anyhow. I abused my pillow for a moment and went back to sleep.

I woke up an hour later. This is a noisy hotel. Last night, I kept hearing a knock on my door, but no one was there. I'd get hopeful, go to the door, and....nothing. I finally figured out it was someone knocking on the upstairs neighbor's door. Beautiful.

But this noise was louder. Was it really my door? Probably the hotel, seeing if I'm checking out today or tomorrow. I knew something would get screwed up with that. I dragged my sleepy ass into my bathrobe and ran a hand through my disheveled curls. I checked the peep-hole, like a good traveling Blogget.

My heart skipped. I was looking at the beautiful blue eyes of dear Greg.

I opened the door and peeked out at the bright light. Smiled and said, in a very sleepy voice, "Hey you."

He stepped in and wrapped his arms around me, holding tight. I held on tight, too, nuzzling into his chest. "You thought you weren't going to see me again," he said.

I nodded. "You didn't know I was still here, and I couldn't reach you."

He reached over and turned on the light. "Ouch," I said, and turned it back off. He laughed.

"I have all kinds of stuff I needed to get done this morning," he said, listing a few things. "But I went by the restaurant to sneak something to eat and pick up a shift later, and got your note. Nice note, by the way, with the room number that could get me in trouble." He was smiling, and not really scolding me.

"Hey, I said I was an old friend and all that," I protested. "That should be okay." He agreed.

"I just thought, 'She's going to come by this morning and see I'm not there and think I pulled a disappearing act'," he said. "Then you wouldn't come back later. So, I had to come see you tis morning."

He's pulling at my robe. "I have to brush my teeth," I said. I'm a little picky about that. I hate it when my teeth aren't brushed.

"I don't care about your teeth," he said. "Just come and be with me." (I managed to brush very quickly!)

"You know, you were right about something the other day," I said, quietly. As we kissed, and got closer.

"What's that?"

"I think I am falling for you."

"I knew it," he smiled. He wrapped me up in his arms again, kissing my shoulders as he made love to me, slower this time. He still had to leave too soon. We'll see each other later.

I thought about that text from my daughter. How odd. And I didn't even have to forward it to eight people!


Pixie said...

oh that just sounds lovely.
really hope it works in whatever way you want it.

Blogget Jones said...

A friend of mine told me Sunday, "If it's meant to be, then you'll see him again. If not, there's a reason." I know that everything happens for a reason. I keep wondering why our paths have crossed. Someday, I'll know....I'm just not patient.

What I want is a storybook ending. That's a complicated matter, though. And I'm more than aware that those just don't happen in my life.... So, for now, I'm on pins and needles, replaying things in my head, wondering, and waiting.