Monday, January 14, 2008

Quote for the day

"Well...if you have a greasy mechanic fantasy....I'd be the perfect candidate this morning."

From South Carolina. He's home today, working on his daughter's car. So far, he's replaced the rotors and pads, and is working on the flywheel.

Just to recap, this means that he fixes cars himself, raises banana trees, can dance like a dream, appreciates good music, kisses to make your toes curl, hunts and knows how to cook the meat he gets, leads a program in my field at a large university, has taken classes in massage, and is ABD on his doctorate. Don't forget, he also delivers Thanksgiving dinners to the poor and cooks turkeys for a women's shelter.... And he's more than willing to protect me in any questionable situation.

And lives 1800 miles away. So not fair.

New Orleans just has to come through.


Penelope Anne said...

LOL --- I hope it does.
We need you with one man love.
Some of us old ladies cannot kepp up :)

Pixie said...

yeah I can understand the frusration of distance, having just driven for 4 hours on a Saturday to return on a Sunday all for a hug.... well truth be told we did do a little more than hug but that spoils the effect of a good story!!!

Krissie said...

There, a nice greasy mechanic for you to fantasize about. Now leave my actor alone! LMAO

Blogget Jones said...

Oh, Penelope dear, how I wish I had the love of one man! Who loved me for me (like my namesake's beautiful man!), and only me. The stuff of my daydream.

Pixie -- I like your story! Both versions! How sweet! I wish SC was four hours away....I'd drive up and back for that ;o) You lucky girl!

Krissie -- LMAO!!! Okay, I'll admire your actor from afar...and hopefully get my hands on my greasy mechanic man in March :o)

Thanks gals!

Dhor said...

He sounds like a good cuddler too. I'd be willing to BET on it! :P

Good luck Blogget :)

Blogget Jones said...

You'd win that bet! And sometimes that's just what he wants, to hold and be held. I learned that, when we'd be barely sleeping, curled up together (in Ogden), and my hand would stray....and he'd gently take my hand and hold it, curl up closer, and go back to sleep. It was sweet.

::sigh:: I gotta get to NOLA....