Sunday, January 06, 2008

Llamas, donkeys, and herons....oh my!

UPDATE 01-09-08: It's official. From Audubon. My new friend is a Great Blue Heron.

This fella has taken up residence in the tree outside my kitchen window.

I don't know what he is, but I've sent pictures to the Audubon people to try to identify him. Maybe some kind of heron, I think. He's HUGE. Look at those claws on the tree branch! He moves up and down the branch, depending on how much noise is coming from the house.

There's a pond in the yard next door, and a large pond at the end of the hill. But it's all frozen over right now, with more snow coming as we speak. I can't imagine why he picked this unsheltered tree!

I'll let you know if we get an ID on him. Still, I just think it's cool to have this new pal right outside my kitchen window.

And down the road, we have....

Yep, llamas and miniature donkeys. And in the same yard! They live next door to the horse and mule. Gotta love this neighborhood!


Penelope Anne said...

I think you may be right on the heron, I thought crane for a bit, but they don't usually stay during the cold months. We have a few llama farms in the area, but none close....just a dairy farm down the road.

Okay, I am begging my pals for a bit of help today and this week. I entered a poetry contest, part of my writing goal, and am asking you pop here: and if you like what you read, think about following the link at the end of the post and voting for me.
Thanks a bunch.
Your pal, Penelope

Blogget Jones said...

This neighborhood is a trip to me, since I've always lived in the city. Well, usually lived in the city. Sometimes, we see deer in a neighbor's yard!

I'll go have a look at your poetry, Penelope! Good luck in the contest!

:o) BJ