Saturday, January 12, 2008

Everything's awash!

I've never seen anything so white. The entire world was white, yesterday morning. And dang cold!

We really do have mountains, somewhere beyond all the white! And here's my new friend, in the white.

But there's lots of beauty in it, too. Like these trees in my backyard.

Okay, enough gushing about the weather. I'm sure after a couple of years of this, I'll be screaming for it to stop. So, for now, I'm going to let myself enjoy it.

In other news....

Still praying for the conference in March to come through. I think I misspoke and said April before, but it's March. I found a cheaper hotel in the vicinity, one that interests South Carolina, too. However, he's in the middle of sticky politics, too, so he needs your good vibes to make it happen, too! There's a VP at his university who picks up some of their expenses. Proper politics with this guy might dictate that SC stay at the conference hotel. That would be a BIG bummer.

"I don't want to be stuck out at a different hotel, all by myself!" I lamented to him.

"Well, the good thing would be that I'm only two blocks away," he said.

"You'd have to be my escort," I said. "To make sure the walk was safe and all."

"That's a deal," he said. I think that even if I was walking through police-lined streets, he'd be my escort.

He'd rather be at the hotel I found, though. It's much more intriguing than the gigantic chain hotel. It has history and character. And I just HAVE to make it there!

I heard from Aspen the other day. The poor fella has been stuck staying in a hotel most of this week. Road conditions have prevented him from making the nearly-two-hour drive home. Maybe one of these days we'll manage to actually spend some time together.

I also heard from Fella the other day. He called to apologize for not calling as much as he should. He said he doesn't mean to be so out of touch. He's just been dealing with the visit from his youngest son, trouble with the other son, and his health problems. He was due to see his doctor again that day, so we talked a bit more about that.

Personally, I hope the doctor is aggressive about this. I'm afraid damage has already been done, and we're behind the curve already. I'm not voicing that to Fella because he's still depressed over the diagnosis. I do get annoyed when people wallow in things. I mean, you have your time for that, then you really must DO something and climb out of the wallowing. At least, in my humble opinion....

He mentioned more trouble with son. I'll ask about that later. One major issue at a time. I just hope the Army is all he wants it to be.

Onward and upward....


Penelope Anne said...

We have a similar outdoor mountains near here though.

I do hope Fella is not going to fight treatment....I know Allen was stubborn when he got his diagnosis, and I still fight with him over his choices.

Still keeping positive thoughts in my mind for the conference.

Blogget Jones said...

You're so right about Fella! I hope he is patient and willing to follow what meds and programs are given to him.

Thanks for the positive vibes! Every little bit helps!

:o) BJ