Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Keep praying, y'all!!

That my boss manages to find someone with $790 to give me. That's what I need to make it to New Orleans. Uhm...for the conference. Right. The conference. Not a particular South Carolina guy. A conference.

He's been very attentive lately, with the idea that we might see each other in March. He's as anxious to know if I'll be there as I am! We talked a little about how I've gotten the cost down, to make it more attractive to my boss.

"The hotel cost has dropped," I said. It had, dramatically. I also found that it's actually less expensive for me to stay an extra day, with airfare specials.

"You know," he said. "If I didn't think the people coming with me from here would go nuts, I'd just have you stay with me...."

And there it was. The question I'd been pondering has been answered. Yes, he wants to share a room with me. It's only the reaction of his coworkers that is stopping it.

So, keep those prayers and well-wishes coming. $790 has to exist somewhere on this campus, and it needs to come to me. Quite honestly, the conference really is a huge benefit to what I do. It would be give some significant information that we need at this point in our program. Seeing South Carolina is just a really delightful benefit to me, personally. That's the part that just warms my heart.

He does such sweet little things, letting me know he thinks of me. I spoke with him just before lunch yesterday, and told him I had to go meet a friend for lunch.

"Oh," he said. "Are you doing anything fun?" Was he fishing about who my friend might be? Maybe, maybe not.

"I'm picking up lunch and taking it to her store," I said. She's a shop owner and can't leave for lunch. I mentioned that I was hoping for Mexican food.

"Oh! That's good!" he responded, and wished me well. I didn't get to talk to him again yesterday, because it proceeded to be The Day From Hell (semester started and profs freaked out all over the place).

This morning, my cell phone goes off at 6:15. It's a text from South Carolina. "How was the Mexican food? It's all foggy and cool here," he said. I tell him it was very good, to be careful in the fog, and to keep warm. He sent me a "Dang it's cold!" message the other day, too.

I also talked to Greg yesterday. Looks like I'll be in his neck of the woods in about two weeks. I gave him a heads-up. He's not sure what his schedule will be then, and asked that I call in another week to check on it. However, he was really glad to talk to me, which was nice.

And I had a date with Fella on Saturday night. We had a really nice dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant. I know, I'm on a spicy food kick. I haven't seen him in nearly a month, so we had lots of news to catch up on.

First thing that struck me is that his coloring didn't look right. And he's dropped weight. He looks like he's been ill. We talked about his diabetes, which is slowly improving with a new medication. I noticed, he ordered fajitas, but didn't eat the starches (like the tortillas). We talked about his son going into the Army. We talked about how he's just praying to get him there without major trouble. We talked about his visit with his younger son for Christmas. We talked about my job. We talked about my kids' visit with their dad for Christmas.

I know money has been tight for them since son stopped working. So, I snagged the ticket when it came. He said, "No, I'll get this." I said no, and wouldn't let him reach it. He grimaced at me for a moment. "Okay, then. I'll get the movie." I agreed, but I was a little surprised. I didn't know we were going to the movies! I know his energy has been low, so I didn't know if he was up for more than dinner.

We saw "The Bucket List." It was a very good movie! We enjoyed it very much. The theater was packed. We were early and had a good time watching the people arriving, laughing at some of the dynamics between couples. As is par, he did not hold my hand or make any moves towards me during the movie.

Afterwards, he walks me to my car. We thanked each other, chatted a little. He kissed me. One of those feel-it-in-your-toes kisses. People were milling about, so it was a shorter kiss than usual. He pulled back and looked at me, silent.

I smiled. "I hope you have a good week," I said. I normally don't see him during the week, and we seemed to be saying goodbyes.

Something flashed across his face. Surprise? Was he not expecting me to say goodbye? It was only 9:30. Was there more? Something he wanted to say? Do?

Then, it was gone. "You, too," he said with a smile. "I'll see you next weekend, and hopefully talk to you before then."

But I still wonder.


Queeny said...

Oooo, girl, I am so praying that you get that $790. I'd send it to you myself, if I had it to spare (we're broke folk around here).

Keeping my fingers crossed that you'll be New Orleans bound.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

A mere 790 and you'll be lovin' on some dude?

Best of luck. What do you do, exactly, that you need to go to a conference?

Blogget Jones said...

LOL Queeny! I'm broke, too, or I'd foot the $790 myself. But thanks :o)

LBB -- Yeah...some really great dude who lives too far away, but we go to the same conferences. I'm head of a college distance learning program.

:o) BJ

holly said...

i won £10 pound on the lottery this weekend if that helps. . .

Blogget Jones said...

LOL Thanks Holly!

I'm hoping that even if my boss doesn't come through, then maybe my tax refund will!

Sgt said...

I'm thinking you could probably visit with him for far less than $790 if the bosses funding doesn't work out. Seriously, he's starting to sound like an escort service. Lucky bastard!

Blogget Jones said...

LOL I might go anyhow, conference or not. The cost works out about half and half -- the conference cost and the travel cost. If he doesn't come through with the travel, then I'll just foot that and not the conf fee.