Monday, January 28, 2008

Benefits of getting along with employers

I've always made a habit of not burning bridges with past employers. My ex was slow to learn this trick and made a lot of professional enemies in the meantime. He liked to threaten to sue people, to try to get more money from them. Employers don't find that an impressive quality.

Anywho..... This habit of mine has led to more than one past employer hiring me on a contract basis to continue to work for them. It happened with The Weirdest Job Ever, and it happened with my last boss....who has admitted that I'm "damn difficult to replace."

So, why am I on about this now? Because my last boss is about to bring me in to finish up a project. Next week. In Lubbock.

Hoorah!! I'll be there for a couple of work days, and a couple of play days.

I talked to Greg this morning and delivered the good news. The dates are confirmed. I'll be there next week.

"Oh, that's excellent! It will be good to see you again," he said. "Are you staying somewhere closer this time?" We laughed about that. Although nice, the last place was way far out of the way. This time, I'll be much closer.

"Well, get your butt down here as fast as you can," he said. "I can't wait to see you."

Me, too. So far, the week is starting off smashingly! (Knocking on wood)

This is in stark contrast to my weekend, which sucked the big one. I haven't heard from South Carolina in a few days. I didn't go out with Fella. His son is leaving for the Army today, so he thought they might do something together Saturday night. Totally understandable.

"I'll call you later and let you know if we've made plans or not," Fella said. I still have yet to hear from him.

The following day, I managed to eat something dangerous and have been down with food poisoning ever since.

Oh, it was a lovely weekend....but it's looking up!


R.E.H. said...

Good luck on the job!

And, food poisoning sucks. I haven't suffered from it in a long time, but... "knocking on wood"!

holly said...

cool. something to look forward to!

MamaGeek said...

Well good luck with the job. That sounds so exciting. I, sadly, too love me some poison food- why IS THAT? GOOD LUCK!!!

Krissie said...

Try do do some actual work while you're there so you might be called back again. LMAO

The Mama Bear said...

Make sure you do the job, and let things just flow with Greg, okay???
You are listening...stop plugging your ears. ;)

Popped in to let you know there is now a variety of tags for your website that announce that you are a Magnificent Mama of the Universe, please pop in and get one.
The Mama Bear

Queeny said...

Heeeeey, way to go, girl. I preach the "don't-burn-bridges" rule to my hubs all the time, but ... men are gonna do what men are gonna do.

Anyway, have fun in Lubbock.

Anonymous said...

Oh, jeez. What did you ex do most recently?

Blogget Jones said...

r.e.h: Thanks...and no kidding. I'm *still* in pain.

Holly: So true. My former coworkers are going bananas that I'll be there. And Greg is dang happy, too :o)

Mamageek: Thanks :o) It's actually a long-standing project that I'm wrapping up for them. My former boss thought he could finish it himself, but he was wrong. :o)

Krissie: Well, to bring me back in on this project involved my former boss admitting how irreplaceable I am :o) I'm just wrapping it up now. It'll be a couple of days of meetings, and it's done.

Mama Bear: THANK YOU!!! And I'm listening :o) The job is going to go easy -- not much left to do but train the instructor and put finishing touches. Greg will be there for celebrating the end of it ;o)

Queeny: TOO TRUE! If he'd listened to me, we'd probably still be married.... That's why his ringer on my cell is Nickelback's "I Should've Listened"!

Anon: My ex? Uhm...not send the child support on time? AGAIN? Because he uses it (i.e., money for his kids) to try to inconvenience me?

But I'm not sure what you're getting at, Anon. He doesn't figure into this....