Saturday, September 22, 2007

One step at a time....

I've gotta quit panicking. Seriously. Past experience has taught me that my gut feelings about men are often right, when it comes to being two-timed. New Fella wasn't answering his phone last night, and I panicked, just sure he'd met someone else, was with her, and would give me the kiss-off today. It was a long night. A long stupid night.

But when I spoke to him this morning, he was happy to talk to me and happy to make plans. The phone just isn't his forte, and I have to remember that. We arranged to have lunch today, and took another small step in our relationship. He met my daughter. It occurred to me the other night that, from his perspective, I must be keeping him at a distance. He doesn't know where I live. He hasn't met my family. I never actually told him my full name (he's always heard my nickname), even though it does come up on caller ID.

So, this morning, after talking about plans for tonight, I said, "My daughter and I were going to get out and about. Would you like to join us for lunch?" He was enthusiastic. Then, his day was disrupted by a problem with his son, and I thought he'd surely cancel. But he called again, "Do you still want to get together?" Oh yessirree!

We had a nice lunch. His daughter joined us, too. Her conversation is a little off-color, especially with a 12-year-old at the table, but she didn't realize my daughter's age. Like myself at her age, my daughter looks more mature than her years. Heck, she's even been offered wine at restaurants. Still, we had a nice time and laughed a lot.

I suppose I need to be re-trained, to trust that a man can be straight with me. He doesn't know he's re-training me, and I hope my insecurities don't spill into the light before I get them under control.

More later...we'll see how the evening goes!

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