Monday, September 03, 2007

And I believed right!

We did do it again soon. Another comfortable evening, another sweet kiss. But I'm getting ahead of myself....

I had a couple of hours free tonight, so he invited me over for dinner and sitcoms. A blissfully normal evening. And get this -- he cooks. For real. I mean, mashed potatoes from scratch cooking. I don't think I've had that since my great-grandmother passed away. I was raised on Hamburger Helper! Anyhow, asking me to join them (he and his son) for dinner was last-minute, meaning that this homemade meal was already planned and wasn't a special effort for me. WYSIWYG, I'm tellin' ya.

I have to be a little careful when we're with his kids. They are adults. While they are not closer in age to me than he is, I understand some of their frame of reference, thanks to my own kids. For instance, I know the current band names and the popular "classic" bands. I can go on and on about classic punk with his son....but he is clueless as to what we're talking about. It's a thin line to toe....conversing with his kids while not alienating him. Careful, careful, Blogget-girl.

So, we relaxed for a little bit, with a couple of sitcoms. I hadn't watched Monday night TV in awhile, so he had to fill me in on the shows. We talked a little more about movies we've liked, and what our work week is going to be like. I enjoy that he remembers what's going on with me, and asks about it specifically. Very nice.

Then, I had to get home before my own kids made it home. He walks me to my car again. What makes his kiss sweet is how he looks at me, touches my hair and smooths it aside, and holds my face in his hands. His gaze takes in my eyes, cheek, hair, chin, though he needs to take in every detail and remember this moment. Tonight's kiss had a little more passion with it, wrapping me up in his arms and holding me close. Very, very sweet.

We'll do something nice next weekend, he promises. But can he see me sooner than that, too?

Oh yes, I think I can work that out. Even though I didn't understand it at first, I like this pace. So far, I am glad to follow his lead.


Krissie said...

Well, well, well, this gets better every day! I'm happy for you.

Blogget Jones said...

Thank you! The skeletons haven't had time to come tripping out of the closets yet, so I'm still keeping an eye out for them. Heck, my skeletons have yet to appear, too! So, we'll see....but in the meantime, it's nice.

Anonymous said...

Gurrrl, I hope you're not getting carried away with expectations...

Blogget Jones said...

Expectations? Oh, hell, no. I'm not expecting anything at all, but am enjoying the ride for a change. I think it's finally dawned on me that what I have lots of is TIME. I'm in no hurry for anything.

If anything, he's defied my expectations so far. Second-guessing is a bad, bad thing.

I've also learned to be ready for red flags and any nasty skeletons that reveal they tend to do. Heck, *I* have some skeletons that haven't tumbled out of the closet yet! I wonder how he'll handle those?

Anonymous said...

Yup, you've done your child-birthing duties, kiddo. You have no ticking biological clock now, and you've already dealt with being married as well. Now you can focus on being a wise woman. Wear lots of purple, while you're at it. :)

Oh, and there's the whole sexual peak thing, if I may be so crass...

And the fact that it's a man close to your own age that's not chasing adolescents is good too. I'm tired of all these outgrown little boys in the world. Tired, I tell you!

Blogget Jones said...

Exactly! The bio clock is a non-issue with me. I don't even have to sweat the hormones anymore, thank God.

I'm happy with my age and where my life is. No pressure, and anyone giving me pressure can take a flying leap! And, yes, lots of purple is going in my closet!

And go ahead and be crass, dear ;o) That very point has occured to me!

Outgrown little boys is right. Like A-hole, who said his age-range criteria for dating started at 22 -- less than half his *pretend* age! For this new fella, I *am* a younger woman. I kind of enjoy that.