Friday, September 14, 2007

I don't even know what to call this

So, I go into the restroom in my office building and am immediately aware of someone making noises. Those kind of noises. Someone has started her weekend early, I think. I can sympathize, but I don't have the...uhm...confidence to be so open and unabashed about it in a public restroom.

I quietly enter my own stall and hear that other stall door open. The woman proceeds to wash her hands, dry them, and exit - while still making orgasmic noises! I heard her all the way down the hall. WTF?!

....I want whatever she's having....

I got back to my office and sent New Fella a suggestive text. The song playing on my computer at that very moment is attached below. An omen, maybe?

Now playing: Nickelback - Animals
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Sgt said...

Maybe she had washed her hands with that Herbal Essence soap? The commercials sure seem appealing!

Then again, maybe she put something "down there" that was still running when she walked out. I can see where that might help with dealing with Friday night traffic.

Blogget Jones said...

For an organic experience? LOL Too funny!

I thought about her having something "running".... And interesting idea! I've often wondered about those...must be quite something if the sounds are so uncontrollable!

Ha! Thanks!