Monday, June 02, 2008

To Lubbock again....

I'm back in Lubbock at the moment -- a trip that was planned and paid for before I met Ranger. It's been a weird time. I don't know when I'll make it back here again, so it's kind of surreal, with a little panic about seeing everyone and everything this time.

So, what have I done while here? Gone to the movies three times with friends. I've seen "Indiana Jones" (no relation!) twice and "Sex and the City." Loved 'em both! But I won't launch into a review yet.

One of the friends I've spent time with is Greg. The chaos in his life continues, but he seems relieved and happy to see me. He told me his shift started at 12:00 on Sunday. I took my sweet time getting ready that day and got there about 12:25. He was waiting at the hostess stand.

"Hey, 12:25 is not 12:00!"

I shrugged. "Yes, I know. So?" I arched a brow at him.

He backed down and seated me. He brought me a drink and said, "So, I've had a hell morning already. My ex called and she's lost her job now. I bought her some groceries and gave her money for bills. The bar was a mess and I had to set up everything. And then I've been waiting for this really hot girl to show up, but she gets here nearly a half-hour late." And he grins.

Okay, so I wasn't so ticked about being scolded since he called me "hot" in the process. I'm a sucker.

However, I had to tell Greg about Ranger during this visit. At first, he just wanted to know his first name. Little by little, though, he has more questions. The kind of questions that intend to compare himself to Ranger. I'm not answering those. He's just gotta cut that out. I don't have any honest answers that he's going to like.

But I told him, I still think he's beautiful and I still have him in a corner of my heart. Our lives just don't work well together, as relationships go. But I can be his best friend ever.

And, apparently, you call your best friend at 7:30 AM when your soon-to-be-ex has thrown you out of her friend's apartment and you're walking him.

He'd responded to a call from her early this morning and got a ride to her friend's apartment. There, he found that she'd spent the grocery money he gave her on cocaine. An argument ensued. When that died down, mostly because she was too coked-out to get it, she and her coked-out friend wanted Greg to have sex with them. He said no. She kicked him out.

About an hour into the three-hour walk home, he decided to call me for help. I'm a sap. I picked him up and gave him a ride home. He wanted me to see where he's living, was just a lot earlier in the day than I'd planned!

He and his roomies have started a law-mowing business, too. So, he went off to his jobs and I went off to see "Sex and the City" with my friend. I spent the day doing that, checking on my old house (which STILL hasn't sold!), having lunch with another friend, and hanging out with yet another friend. A good day all-around!

Each of my friends has to tolerate me droning on about Ranger. I even brought some sappy pics of us! And the sweet card that was with my orchid plant. Yep, you heard that right -- I drag that sappy, romantic card around with me everywhere!

Greg called late in the afternoon to go to the movies. This is actually the first time we've been out together, doing something date-ish. Except now, it's not a date. And it might be the last time we go out like that, too. The irony is a little painful, actually.

Walking beside him, I'm struck by exactly how very tall he is. He makes me feel petite....and I'm nearly 5'10"!

Emotional and physical exhaustion was setting in, though, and he actually dozed off in the movie. He's seen it five times now, but loves it takes a lot for him to doze off in the middle of it! I nudged him to make sure he didn't snore. He dozed for about 25 minutes.

I've spoken to Ranger frequently while I'm here. He started the stop-gap job he found, but it's not going to work out. No one there is nice to anyone else. It's a very difficult environment....and just the kind that really hurts his heart to watch. He's already looking for a new position.

And I miss him desperately.


Walker said...

My ex sucked every cent i gave her for cocaine and i stopped giving her money and just bought food.
Today she is clean but I wne through hell first and if it wasn;t for our kids I wouldn;t have put up with her after innicially trying to help.

I hope Ranger finds something he could enjoy doing.

muse said...

Lubbock? eeeh... Drove through there on my way to Canyon...EEEEh! The Boom has definately faded from these places.

It's good to say good bye-then you can say hello again.