Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One less stress

Ranger found a job. Whew! One that really does suit his various skills. And it isn't in a cubie, which is even better. He needed something that kept him moving and learning, that combined his talents in technology and geology. And it has full benefits.

One great big huge sigh of relief here.

Now, I'll get to see if this obsessiveness is a reaction to stress or if it's real, for lack of a better term. I've wondered if he's gone into overdrive about us because everything else in his life has been in a tailspin. Last night, he talked again about coming on too strong and being afraid of scaring me off. We'll just wait and see.

One thing is for sure. I do not want to be exchanging vows in a month's time!

And I won't be pressured into it. I know he recognizes that he's pressuring me too much, but does that mean the pressure will let up? The thing he doesn't know about me yet is that pushing me, cornering me, just makes me plant my feet and become immovable. I'm too strong-willed. Hey, I'm a Leo....what do you expect?

It might become a moot point with this new job of his, though. He might not be in a position to take that time off. If that's the case, I'll be in Vegas on my own. Not an idea I like, but I have business to do there, anyhow.

On other fronts, I answered my phone yesterday and heard:

"I. Miss. You."

Very distinct and emphatic.

Now that Greg has a phone of his own, he texts me all the time. Occasionally, he calls. Like this call.

"I know," I said, and laughed a little. "I'll get back down there as soon as I can."

"Please do," he said. He asked, and I updated him on Ranger's situation. Greg updated me on his soon-to-be-ex's situation. He helps her financially, worrying that they (she, her mother, and occasionally her son) won't have food or air conditioning or transportation. He's managed to arrange to see the little boy when she does not have him. The child is living somewhere in Dallas now, so Greg goes there when he can swing it. After all, Greg is the only father-figure he's had in his short little life.

He also asked how I'm feeling, and laughed at me. See, I have a nasty cold. I caught it when I shared a soda with Greg at the movies. This is also how I learned he likes Dr. Pepper. I don't like Dr. Pepper much. It tastes like prunes.

It alarms me that Greg won't answer my questions about his health, but I'm trying to squelch that worry. What can I do about it, anyhow? I can't make him tell me. I can't make him go to the doctor. So, I breathe deep and hope for the best for him.


Walker said...

Good news about Ranger finding a job and I hope being busy slows him down as far as pressuring you to exchange vows.
Personnally I doubt it but I have been wrong before and will again LOL
I just think he is trying to brand your butt so no one else does.

Greg reminds me of someone I know who called me from England and said she was divorcing her husband to be with me.
She told me the same thing with all three of her EX husbands.
I told her that no one should leave a partner for someone else.
If she wants to leave she sould do it because she doesn;t want to be with that person.

Desperate people make stupid decisions the trick in not to get caught up in someone elses stupidity

Blogget Jones said...

I have the same suspicion about Ranger's pressure on me. I think it's more about security (insecurity?) than anything else. And possibly about beating his ex to the punch in getting remarried. Either way, not what this gal dreams of, certainly!

With Greg, I don't really think he has designs on being with me. I drew a line at friendship and he seems to like that a lot. We also discussed why I would not be a good "match" for him....a lot of that being that he wants kids of his own and that will NOT happen with me!


Lady in red said...

Dr Pepper!! I'm with you although I have never drunk enough of it to decide what it tastes like but all my boys like it.....but then they also like tomato sauce.

You sound like a very strong woman who knows her own mind, good for you

Bollinger Byrd said...

You stick to your guns honey.... don't be pressurised. It would just be all wrong unless that's what you want more than anything else.

Blogget Jones said...

Lady -- LOL about your boys! My son likes it, too. Is it a guy thing?!

And even my ex says I'm a stronger woman than I was when we were married. But he says it like it's a bad thing ;o)

Byrd -- Sticking firmly. To my guns, I mean. Vegas needs to be about fun....or nothing at all.

Thanks everyone :o)

muse said...

When it feels will! Not a moment before.

WooHoo on the job thingie, though!

Blogget Jones said...

Well put, Muse! Thanks!