Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Embarrassing Moment #3,542

I'm staying in one of those extended stay hotels. Since I'm not staying a full week, I'm not supposed to get housekeeping service unless I ask for it. I can get all the towels I want at the desk, but maid service isn't supposed to come into my room unless I say so.

Did you catch the wording? "...supposed to..." and "unless I say so." You might guess, it didn't work that way.

I usually leave a tidy room with everything put away. However, I left in a rush this morning. I neglected to put something away. No biggie....I'm supposed to be the only one in here.

I get back this afternoon and there's a note on my counter. It says (verbatim):

"If you'll like your bed changed just let the front desk know. Make sure it free of any items.
Thank you.
PS: Have a great day!"

Any items? Oh God, no.

I looked past the counter to my bed.

Where my Friend Rabbit the Vibrator sat, in the open.

oh good golly


Just-a-diary said...

couldn't help but giggle over that one...feel free to look at my diary :)

Walker said...

I bet the poor thing was vibrating with fright at being left alone in a strange room with a even stranger man LOL

Gingers Mom said...

OH GOD NOOOOOOOO! I am laughing so hard. Sorry. :)

Blogget Jones said...

No, don't be sorry! I'm laughing about it now, too. I was mortified for about 15 minutes, then I realized that there's just nothing to be done. The hotel people know me now as the horn-dog I am.

Ah well. I'm at my sexual peak. The girl can't help it!