Sunday, March 23, 2008

Not your ordinary Easter at the Blogget household

Well, parts of Easter were what you'd expect. I cooked my beloved stuffed pork chop recipe. Chocolate Easter bunnies for all. We go to church in the afternoon. And thus was the extent of my normality for the day.

I went out with a friend Saturday night. Dinner and a movie. She asks if it's okay to bring a friend, someone she wants me to meet. Okay, fine.

He's apparently smitten now. He's slightly older than Fella. Thirteen years older than me. Yes, there's that 13 again! Sunday, he calls and makes his case for "courting" me. I give my usual upfront spiel about how I'm in no hurry, I don't want to get married until my kids are grown, etc. That's okay with him, but I need to know he's found what he wants and is going after He's even deleted his listing on some dating sites. He's well-off and wants to spoil me and take care of me -- and my family -- even though he knows how independent I am.

So, I read "The Secret" last week, and I've been putting positive thoughts out to the universe as much as I can. There's some negative-speak I need to get over. I asked for "abundance" because of the bind my stupidass-ex has put me in. And this is what happens, darn near immediately. Another case for be careful what you pray for? I mean, this would be abundance, yes....but with strings. I don't like the feel of that. I mean, he's very nice and attentive. Very sweet. But I'm balking.

The weirdest thing was that this man seems to be somewhat clairvoyant. He was able to tell me things about my job, my family, and even my ex that there's no way he'd know. Things I don't talk about. Some of it was quite an insight into what's going on, which was interesting for me. But chilling at the same time.

Oh, and speaking of 13 -- I found where it is with Karl. He lives in voting precinct 13. And I'm not completely without Florida sunshine at the moment. Karl called tonight, just as he was settling down for the night. He's been spending time with his daughter, who is going through a rough time right now. We talked about my kids, too, and movies to see. We talked about his trip here, the beautiful pictures he's found of this area. We talked about what's happening with his job this week, which led to talking about how much he loves to swim and why.

Dang, I need to work on looking better in a swimsuit. Before July.


Anonymous said...

The secret? hmm I started reading that book and through it right in the trash! LOL!! I am sorry to say that if you liked that book..

I am glad you heard from Karl, I had a feeling something was going on with him, that is why i stated it in the other comment section about him.

He seems like he is a loving man, that has fallen for a beautiful gal! ;)..

Keep in touch with him and I am sure you are hot in a swimsuit!

Blogget Jones said...

On "The Secret": I can't say I buy everything they say in it. The underlying idea of the power of positive thought is a good one and focusing on love is good....but that's about it.

Well, dear Karl has fallen silent again. I know he has a lot going on, but it's a little frustrating.... I'll keep in touch, as much as I can though if he's not communicating as much.

And you're sweet about the swimsuit....I have a ways to go, though!


:o) BJ