Sunday, March 09, 2008

I know it's early for a Quote of the Day, but....

I just don't know that anything else today is going to top it.

I'm in Lubbock. My ex is being a nightmare. I see Greg today. I wake up and am meditating on a few things, on how I hope the day will go. But when I start thinking about Karl, my phone goes off. It's him, texting me to wish me good morning and let me know he sent an email.

This is how it ends:

"I am with you in spirit holding your hand. Kissing the lips of your soul and embracing your heart with my arms."

Oh. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Yeah that gets a double WOW!!!!!

That is just what the Dr. ordered!

I am now in love with that quote!!


Blogget Jones said...

Hey, Single! And I know, right? I'm speechless every time I reread it. This whole thing is unbelievable. He's actually thinking "what if...." and planning how he'd make a move to Grand Junction. He said he's always felt "drawn there." Whoa.

Anonymous said...

Tell him to plan away!!! I am still loving the quote !!!

he sounds like a keeper


Blogget Jones said...

I'm beginning to think so....July needs to hurry up and get here!

darth sardonic said...

glad things are going just a tiny bit better for you blogget

Mike said...

Wow, this Karl guy has it down.

He should give lessons or something. I'd pay!

Mike said...

Wait wait, I got it!

"A quote to make a woman's vagina quiver"

How's that?

Blogget Jones said...

Thanks Darth :o) It's been a rough week!

And Mike -- ROFL!! I love it!

The Mama Bear said...

I've been an errant pal and I am so sorry....I need to catch up, seems so much has happened.
Sort of got selfish in my own world here.
Oh and TAG!

Blogget Jones said...

No, don't worry about it, Mama Bear! Our lives get like this sometimes.... A lot has happened, yes. But you are not at all selfish!

:o) BJ