Thursday, March 20, 2008

She's smart

So I'm in a big meeting today. We're going over this document that's going to the accreditation board about the college's online programs. I'm mentioned throughout the thing, and so it my boss.

One of the faculty members who has been scrutinizing this document pipes up and says to my boss, "Okay, I know you are the Director, and she" (indicating me) "is the Coordinator. But what's the difference? What do you do?"

To which he replies. "Oh, that's easy. I make all the money, and she's smart."

Everyone thought this was incredibly funny, and another professor said to me, "Aren't you glad to know that?"

But I thought, WTF?

This reminds me of a moment I think I forgot to put in my Spring Break blog. The last day I was there, I was sitting in the customary easy-for-Greg-to-visit booth at Fridays. I was aware of vacation time coming to an end, so I brought along my recent meeting notes and paper, to create my "Things the HAVE TO get done!" list. I scribbled for a long time, covering the paper front and back.

It took a long time because Karl was texting sweet things to me all day. That was a nice day.

Greg visited frequently (duh!) and would eye what I was doing. Finally, he asked.

"It's my 'To Do' list for work," I said. "Things I have to get done by the end of the week."

He picked up the paper and made a nice attempt at reading my scrawl. "Hmmm...." he said. Then he flipped it over, looked at the back, and said, "What the hell do you do for a living?"

He's seen my business card, so he knows my title and where I work. So, I gave him the condensed version, but I got the same look of consternation everyone else gives me. Outside of my coworkers, no one seems to get it. Even Fella once said, "No one really understands what you do, Blogget." Sigh. Maybe it's all in how I explain it.

But Greg made a comment no one else has. "So, you do a lot of the computer, online stuff...all the time. Right?" Yes, my life in is computers, I said. And I saw it register in his eyes, under the raised brows: she's smart.

Is it conceited of me to like that?

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