Saturday, March 09, 2013

Why I buy skinny jeans now

Because I've been working my ass off.

Son't get me wrong; I love what I do.  I think I'm pretty good at it, too, and there's some evidence that others think so, too.  If you look back at a post I did on February 23, 2012, I talk about what happened when we hosted that professional conference I go to each Fall.  That was the 2011 conference, and it went beautifully.  The 2012 conference was supposed to be in Maine.  That contract fell through at the last minute, so guess who hosted again?  That's right - everyone came back to Colorado.

Just before the conference, we had elections.  Apparently, there were a few nominations for President, but only one name was nominated.  Yep, it was mine.  So, I'm President-Elect of this national organization now, which means I'm responsible for planning the next conference.  I think I can do that....  I'll be signed in as President at the 2013 conference.

Anyhow, so, we find out about this conference on short notice.  What everyone didn't know was that we were already a pretty tumultuous office.  In January last year, we finally hired some help for me.  We'll call her Penny.  She alternates between big help and pain in the ass, but that's another story.  Suffice it to say that her negativity is often wearing on me, and I learned this while rooming with her at a different conference.

About a month after Penny was hired, we got wind of the fact that our college administration is having talks with a company who outsources what our office does.  WTF???  My boss let us know that he wasn't in the loop on any of it, and it was quite possible they wanted to get rid of him.  He told me I shouldn't be worried - I was "marketable."  Doesn't that make you feel secure?  Me neither.

The trouble started years before then, when my boss and his boss started butting heads.  He said it was because she didn't like working with men.  We spent last summer wondering when we'd be shown the door and watching things deteriorate with my boss until he finally announced that he was being "transitioned out" of our department.  His boss, the VP, would organize a search for a new boss, but the position was being elevated to as Assistant VP status.  Apparently, the administration had decided to invest in us after all, but not with him as boss.

Since that day, we've had more direct dealings with the VP than ever before.  And you know what?  I came to realize that the problems we had with her existed because my boss was my boss.  I've learned a lot about him in the last few months, and I honestly don't like what I'm learning.  Especially the parts about things he was authorized to do to help us...and didn't do them.  He threw us to the winds, even when a crisis happened a couple of months ago.  We were on our own.  We handled it fine but support would have been nice.

I was on the search committee for my new boss.  We visited with many candidates.  One of them was so terrible that I still have to laugh about it.  In meetings with me, he spent a lot of time slamming Mormons and then, in the next breath, offered me a job.  What a weenie.

Long story short, I now have a new boss.  She's been here three weeks.  She's a kicking ass and taking name kind of person, and I'm loving the direction she's shepherding us in right now.  Exciting times ahead for our little office.

And as for the conference this year?  Kentucky.  I'm so happy to plan to go to Kentucky.

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