Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lady Blogget

Several months ago, I received a long email from Jacob, in the middle of the day.  He'd been thinking about it for quite some time and wanted to say a few things.  To paraphrase, he wanted me to know that he treasures the life we have together.  He can't imagine life without me, without us.  That said, he wanted to explore a new private lifestyle for us.

Before I get into those details, I'd like to explain a little background.  It should be obvious that Jacob is a kinkster.  He's had various and sundry experiences, and, through many conversations, he's helped me put name to things I've always found...interesting, but hadn't identified as "kink."  It's definitely kink, though.

What he offered me in that email was to put his life - our life - in my hands.  If I want it to be so, I can command everything, every detail, including him.  In effect, I own him.

I am the Dom.  I am the Mistress.

To begin to test these waters, I developed a short list of "expectations."  I have a longer list, but I'd like to see how seriously he wants to take this before going deeper into it.  At the moment, he wears my collar.  A simple stainless steel band.  Only I have the key to remove it.  That symbolism is powerful, but the real test is how it plays out each day.

Is this a real lifestyle that he takes seriously?  Or a bedroom game he wants to play?  We'll see.

But for him, I am Lady Blogget.

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