Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Words of Wisdom

Well, almost.

From my 16-year-old son, in answer to my question as to why he's not asking to get his driver's license, given that we have an "extra" car for him to drive.

"I see a car as just another girlfriend, draining my money."

I jsut had to make sure that was written down.


Sassy Blondie said...

That kid's going places, Blogget! LOL

It almost hints to the "Peter Pan Syndrome" so many men suffer from, eh?


RockDog said...

Smart kid! I wish I had thought that way back then... ***sigh***

Sgt said...

Wise beyond his years!

The HOR blogger said...

He REALLY doesn't want to drive? Holy Wow that's somethin else.

:) Smart AND funny!

Sassy Lucy said...

That is amazing, my 15yo can't think of anything but being able to drive...though the snow has slowed his desire some, he wants to wait until spring to get his temps.
You have now been added to the Magnificent Mamas Blogroll under my Mamas United in Blogging Roll :)

Pixie said...

oh could you send him over here, so as he could talk to my 16yr old who does nothing except talk about getting a car. Even though in the UK you can't start learning till your 17!

Blogget Jones said...

Yes, seemed like smart reasoning to me! And with the snow still coming down, I have to say i'm relieved he's not driving in it.

Sassy: It does seem rather "Peter Pan," doesn't it?

Rockdog: lol I'm glad he's realized the financial commitment driving and dating really is....lol

Sgt: He's always been a smart one, but I'm glad to see a glimmer of common sense, too....lol

Hor-gal: I think he does want to drive, but not be responsible for a car.... I suppose that'll change when he's sick of Mom driving him around. Then again, he seems to have also come up with a way around paying for a date's dinner -- by asking to have dinner with me! LOL!

Lucy: The snow is slowing us down, too! I don't think he likes the look of slick roads. And THANK YOU for adding me to your blogroll! You're on my list, too :o)

Pixie: I'm sure he'd gladly come talk to him! LOL But it sounds like the UK has the right idea. I'd feel better in another year.


darth sardonic said...

god, i hope my kids think the same way when they are 16, but i aint holding my breath. i tagged you for this thing btw, check it out at my blog when you get a chance.

Blogget Jones said...

I did check it out, Darth! Cool! I'll put some thought into that and post...soon. Maybe when I'm killing time in the hotel in Texas. :o)


Queeny said...

That's one wise young man you have there. My 14-year-old is already asking when he can get his license. Just wants to skip the driver's permit first. Surely a car can't be far behind. He won't mind if it's a drain on MY money.

Pixie said...

Happy Christmas hon.
Hope you managed to sort yourself out some good things to do.

Blogget Jones said...

Queeny: Too true! If it was my money on the line, he'd be hot to be in the driver's seat!

Pixie: Thank you so much.... I hope your Christmas was wonderful, too!