Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happiness is Lubbock, Texas.... my rearview mirror.

Anyone remember that song, by native son Mac Davis? I'm in a hotel here now, overlooking the statue of favorite son Buddy Holly. We got here late (very late) Sunday night. Weather reports caused us to leave home a day early and head for the airport in Denver, which is The Most Difficult Airport Ever. For the modern marvel it is supposed to be, it sure is a pain in the ass to navigate. Pretty to look at, but pain in the keister., just past Vail, Colorado, the temperature gauge is reading 2 degrees outside, the snow is blowing, and the fog inside the windows has turned to ice. Yep, ice inside the car. I'm still amazed.

To make a long day short, travel went smoothly. The rental car I got in Amarillo is a Toyota Prius. So far, pretty dang nifty! Getting used to the push-button start and all. Don't like being that low to the ground, but it's still fun.

So far, I've avoided seeing the Wicked Witch who is so mean to my child. My ex has taken my advice and kept them out of one-on-one situations. My daughter texted me in tears the first night, just over the stress of being there. She knew she had to hang on through Christmas, then her dad might relent and let her stay with me at night. Christmas Eve, I get this text from her:

"Merry Christmas, Mommy. I'm sorry u r alone, but know I'm with u. U can text me anytime u need comfort."

Hear that sound? It's a Mommy melting. I know adolescence is likely to change some of that sweetness, but for now I'll cling to all I can get.

My daughter's former Irish dance teacher and her husband are dear friends. Even though he wants to subpoena me in that case against the university. Once he figured out that I was "free-floating" for Christmas, he was besides himself to include me in their family Christmas dinner. I'll go to a good ol' Irish pub session with them Friday night, too. Good friends, good music. Great night.

I'm still piecing together things to do with friends. Dinner here, lunch there. Lunch was on my own today, though. I have a list of Restaurants I Miss, so I headed to one of those this afternoon. The place was next to empty, mid-afternoon on the Biggest Return Day of the year. A tall waiter met me at the door, with the usual, "How many?" Just me, I said, and he led me to a table. I thought his indifference was palpable. He took my drink order and disappeared. His name was Greg.

I called one of my friends to set up lunch for tomorrow. We chatted about work and what's new. Drinks came, and I ordered. My friend and I chatted some more. Greg came back and leaned on the booth. "Who is it?" he said, indicating the phone. "Do they know they are infringing on our alone time?"

I lifted a brow at him. So, maybe he wasn't so indifferent.

I told my friend what he said, with him standing there, and she laughed. She told me to go flirt and we'll meet tomorrow. I put down the phone and explained I was a Texas transplant, visiting "home" from Colorado. Turns out, he recently moved here from Colorado. And wants to go back.

"Take me with you," he said. "Please?" I laughed, but he was only half joking. He left to take care of customers, but stopped at my booth often. We talked about what brought me to Lubbock, Texas for Christmas and about being alone for Christmas (he had Chinese take-out for Christmas dinner).

"So where's your significant other?" he asked. I don't have one, I said. He smiled. "What was that room number?" I laughed. He wasn't kidding.

"I'd have to know you a heck of a lot better for that," I said. He left again. When he stopped to visit, he told me about his parents (or lack of relationship with them) and his background.

"See? I have a brain," he said. "And I'm not some kid out here. I'm almost 30." He started to leave again, but added, "Am I helping my case any?" I nodded, and he was off again.

Next time he stopped, he said quietly, "We're not supposed to hit on customers, so I'm not officially hitting on you." I nodded. He smiled, and said more quietly, "But I couldn't let you walk out of here without getting to talk to you. You're too pretty. I'd just like to hang out with you."

Sappy as it is, I did give him my cell number. He called during his break, and met me for five minutes in the hotel lobby. We chatted and he apologized for having to go so soon. Then, he surprised me, catching me up in his arms and a passionate kiss. "I've wanted to do that since you walked in today."

And that's how I ended up with a date for Christmas break.


RockDog said...

Wow! That's awesome! How was the meal though??? I might go to the land of Buddy Holly some day, but need to know if I should pack a lunch.

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE MY HERO! Seriously . . . you have an uncanny ability to take me back to the fun and randomness that was my early 20s. Cannot wait to hear about that date!

And good luck with your return trip - today's weather report: "If you are planning to drive east [from Denver], bad idea. If you are planning to drive west [from Denver], only slightly better idea, but still a bad idea."

Blogget Jones said...

Rockdog: the meal was okay. It's a chain restaurant, but not one we have in Grand Junction, and I like their fire-roasted red pepper soup. There are better places to go in Lubbock, and much more unique. What do you like? There's a great Indian place called Maharaja Indian Cuisine. Cagle's steakhouse is fantastic. Bigham's Smokehouse Barbecue. So, no need to pack a lunch :o) Drop me a line and I'll help you with sights to see, too.

Driving: You're sweet. It's funny -- it wasn't like this for me when I was in my 20's! I wonder how old this guy thinks I am? LOL on the weather report!!! We'll fly in on the 30th and stay the night before heading to Grand Junction. Hopefully, it'll get to be a better idea from then.

Funny -- Fella wants me to call him on the 30th. Seems he'll be in Denver, too, and would like to get together. Go figure.

Mercurial said...

People our age can call people his age kids, dear. I do it all the time.

Lujan's. You know you need it. That chain restaurant.... I just don't know what to say about that, but the menu item was a dead giveaway.

If all that action had been happening in your twenties, how would you have finished your degree? *g*

Trust that you had friends who were getting enough to cover for you at the time, and now you get to catch up on all that now, when you have a different perspective from which to enjoy it.

Oh, and as much as I feel Mac Davis, right now my headspace is much more in line with Natalie Maines singing "Lubbock or Leave It."

The HOR blogger said...

OMG Blogget, just Oh my gosh. You better find a way to bottle those pheremones you've got blasting out. Holy Crap!! :)

Ok so maybe you're just super duper hot, I don't know, but damn, that was so cool!

You do realize we must hear more now though right??? DETAILS! ;)

~ellen~ said...

Neat, a passionate Christmas kiss! I'm happy for you. And for your lips. :o)

Blogget Jones said...

Mercurial: LOL on the age thing. That's why I thought his comment about not being a kid at 29 was so funny! I have to wonder, how old does he think I am? That makes me smile :o)

Lujan's! I forgot about Lujan's! I'm meeting a friend for lunch in a bit. I think we'll have to go there! And I thought that naming the menu item would kind of give away the chain place. I do love that soup, though....

And you're right -- I'm much better suited for "action" at this age. Don't think I could have handled it emotionally in my twenties. I was a bit too "sensitive" in that way. I have a better outlook now, when I'm reaching my sexual peak ;o)

And about Mac and Maines and their songs....well, notice I don't actually live in Lubbock anymore....

:o) BJ

Blogget Jones said...

Hor-gal and Ellen: I'm a little flabberghasted, actually. I didn't expect that when I stopped for lunch. My day definitely took a nice left turn!

The whole scene ran a bit like something from a movie. I thought he was kidding at first, just putting on the ol' waiter schmooze for a tip. But no.... He's serious in his pursuit. How fun :o)

And Ellen, you reminded me of something else he said, when you mentioned "Christmas kiss." He asked what I'd done for myself for Christmas. I couldn't think of anything. He gave me this devilish grin and said, "Then consider me a Christmas present." Oh my....this week could get interesting!!

Sassy Lucy said...

You know I felt like I was watching this play out, well written and how magical.
Even your daughter's text was so moving.
I hope all has gone well, and the holiday a grand success as much as can be.

Krissie said...

I always think this kinda things happens only in movies. And then you go to a random restaurant and end up kissing a waiter. Good for you, girl.

darth sardonic said...

damn. that is pretty fucking cool. on all counts. he's my hero.

Queeny said...

Why, Miss Jones, you make me swoon! That's a damned suh-weet ending.

Blogget Jones said...

Lucy: Thank you :o) I've been told I'm a very visual writer! I like to tell it as it felt, as well as what actually happened. It's turning into a smashing week :o)

Krissie: I often think the same, that these things are reserved for scripted scenes. That's why I got off the phone with my friend...what was playing out with this guy was too good to not see through.

Darth: really, thank goodness for men who aren't afraid to be forward. I have to admire his "seize the moment" attitude. If he hadn't acted on impulse, I would have left the place with just another meal for the masses.

Queeny: LOL Well, I do hope the swooning isn't over! ;o)