Thursday, December 27, 2007


....only Thursday. All of a sudden, the week is moving too fast for me. I need a couple more days.

I spent today catching up with former co-workers who remain steadfast friends. Lunch was with a very outspoken Hispanic lady, with loads to say about my former employers. Dang, I'm glad I'm not caught in that political nightmare right now. The division is becoming a college, within the university system. Therefore, the hunt is on for a Dean. Heaven help them, but they need a miracle to attract a good candidate.

Then, I met a programmer friend for dessert. Guess where he wanted to meet? Yep, the chain restaurant where dear waiter Greg works. We sat in the bar, since we'd be there for a few hours, catching up. The bartender said my favorite waiter was not working today, for a change. He apparently works a lot. So, we settled in to our desserts and drinks, and talked techno-shop about our respective offices.

A couple of hours later, I was knee-deep in discussion about the need to have system upgrades on a routine schedule, to minimize inconvenient server downtime, when I felt a pat on my shoulder. The patter kept walking so I turned to see who it was....and was met with a wave and grin from dear Greg.

"Hey, you!" I said with a wide smile and a wave, as he glided out of sight. The bartender had been delightfully mistaken. I laughed and turned back to my friend's surprised face.

"Do you see someone you know everywhere you go?" he asked. I gave him the
Reader's Digest Condensed Version of my acquaintance with Greg. This gave him a chuckle. He'd been present in Utah, to see my acquaintance with South Carolina, too (although he didn't realize the extent of that acquaintance).

We continued our techno-babble conversation, for over an hour. I'd look up frequently to track Greg's activity around the restaurant. He was watching mine, too. Several times, I caught his eye as he glanced my way. I wondered if he thought this was a date. I wondered if he'd take the chance to chat, if given it.

Soon, my friend had to go, and I had to return yet another call from my mother (who is bored without me, it seems). I sat at the table alone. I checked the time. I needed to pick up my daughter in 30 minutes. I wouldn't stay put for long.

I looked up, and saw Greg notice I was alone. He chatted with other employees as he moved, making his way to me. He leaned on my table, looking at the TV above us and asking questions about the news. Being someone who doesn't watch much news, I muddled my way through, wondering if this was really at all interesting to him.

He turned to me abruptly and gestured to my friend's empty chair. "So, who was this, then?" he asked, pointedly. The news hadn't interested him, but my friend did. Dear waiter Greg was jealous.

"A programmer I used to work with," I said. "We were catching up on office gossip."

"Oh," he said, with a grin. He visibly relaxed. He moved closer to me. "How long are you here?"

"I pick up my daughter at 6:30."

He looked crestfallen. "So, not long then. Can I call you when I get off?"

"Yes, but she'll be with me."

"Hm. I work 11 to 11 tomorrow."

"I take her to her dad's at 8:30," I offered. "Want to call me in the morning? We could do something before you go to work."

He nodded. "That's good. I'll see you in the morning, then." And he was off to attend to his duties. With a smile.


Krissie said...

"Want to call me in the morning? We could do something before you go to work."

*standing ovations* You go, girl! (I am so repeating myself but I'm really impressed.)

RockDog said...

"Can I call you when I get off?"

Not sure why, but this line made me chuckle more than any one person should...

Sassy Lucy said...

The plot does thicken

Blogget Jones said...

Krissie: It really is unlike me to have this kind of experience, and to respond in such a way that I'm not going "Why did I say that?" (or worse - "Why DIDN'T I say that?") later. It's my Christmas fling, it seems....

Rockdog: Actually, me too. He did say that, and I did have trouble keeping a straight face. I very much wanted to say something like, "Call me? I hope I'm there when you get off..." wink, wink.

Lucy: Oh yes....