Wednesday, December 05, 2007

All the news that fits....

Or lack of news...depending on how you look at it. Thought I'd just jot down some general updates.

I sent an email to my ex, concerning Christmas for the kids and dropping the little detail that I will be there, close by. That was three days ago. No response. I can hear him seething and his wife bitching about it, all the way from here. If you don't like it, dumbass, then don't make it necessary.

Oh yeah, and he told me what he got my son for Christmas. Apparently, he had a conversation with my son, asking why he doesn't listen to AC/DC. My son told him the truth -- he doesn't like them. Ex, in all his wisdom, said, "That's because you haven't listened to them enough." My son told me he's afraid his dad will get him an AC/DC CD, to make him listen to them more. The boy is smart -- that's exactly what has happened.

Does anyone out there remember A-hole?? My little alter-ego got another email from him, after he's been silent for so long. And guess what? He's claiming now to be even younger than he claimed before! He's apparently 39 now -- 7 years younger than his last claim and 10 years younger than reality. What an ass.

I've been knee-deep in work and my daughter's Science Fair project. They send home this big packet of what's required, when they start working on it. You have to sign it, acknowledging that you'll be helping with this monster. Now, I am not one of those parents who swoops in and does the work for the child. Still, just being the person who glued things to the board, we've had several late nights. I'm exhausted! In the middle of it all, she had her first basketball game. They won! And she scored! I'm a proud Mommy.

South Carolina is having a hard time. His ex's memory loss is profound. Doctors say that's just part of it. Be happy to be alive. I'm sure he expected it to go much better. He's preoccupied with it. He doesn't like how this is altering his life, but he doesn't want to be selfish about it. He's headed to a conference this week and sounds like he'll enjoy the quiet hotel room for a couple of days.

A friend from the conference we attended posted her pictures online. There's several of South Carolina and I, since we were inseparable for those few days. Old BF happened upon them, looking for pics of me since he knew I presented there. "Who's this guy?" he wanted to know. "Looks like he's into you." Uhm, yeah. He is. Get used to it.

Aspen is being attentive. He IMs a "Good Morning!" even if he's too busy to chat. He called me during his lunch break the other day, which was new, and calls most evenings, on his way home. He's very sweet and funny. Now, if we can just find a time to actually go out....

Fella is in full rollercoaster mode. I had that very nice call from him last week, looking forward to going out on the weekend. I heard from him about mid-day Saturday. His voice was strained. "I'll be tied up here all weekend," he said, being very short. I know he has some serious budget concerns right now, with daughter being unemployed.

"Why don't you take a break and let me get you some dinner?" I ventured. We've developed a system where he pays for the movies and I pick up dinner, or vice versa.

"No," he said. "I don't think I can afford to do that."

"Are you all right?"

"No, but it doesn't matter."

"Yes, it does."

He gave a derisive laugh. "No, it really doesn't."

"It does to me. Is it anything you want to talk about?" I knew the answer, but offered anyhow.

"Not really," he said. "I'm sorry to be short and all. It's trouble with my children. It's a bad day, a bad weekend, and I'll have to stay here the whole time."

I let him know that I'm around if he needs anything, tell him I'm sorry it's happening, and he says he'll call. I haven't talked to him again since then. I can guess what probably happened. Most likely, his son was drinking, got in trouble or skipped work or something, and was being suicidal again. The boy needs help. But that's all a guess. When Fella wants to talk about it, he will.

Until then, I have a Science Fair to attend. And basketball games to watch. And Christmas shopping to do. And other people who want my attention. And so I'll give it.


The HOR blogger said...

I had actually just popped in here for the 3rd time today to give you a nasty (joking) comment about how WE want your attention! And a new post. :) And here it is.

What happens to kids with parents with no time or that don't give a shit to help them with their projects? Does the school take that in acount? Gaahh I always hated the science fair because I'd have the saddest one on display.

OKAY!! That was unnecesary, sorry :)

But glad to see you're in good spirits despite all the man-stuff :) Way to be dang it.

Krissie said...

I remember A-hole. That's when I joined the crowd of your-attention-wanters (what, you though I can't make up English words?!).
Stick with Aspen guy. That's all I've got to say.

Blogget Jones said...

Hor-gal: LOL about heading off your "attention" comment! Ha! And you're so right about the science fair. I can't tell you how many times I made the same comment during this whole thing -- what do parents with no time/resources do? I mean, I actually had to buy a decibel meter for this thing! During Christmas time! Ugh. And then I find out her school is the only one here that REQUIRES science fair participation.

We saw all manner of projects. Some with complicated structures (about solar panels) and some with simple displays, like the one about how a rabbit's color effects its visibility. It had a picture of a white rabbit on a black background. Kinda funny.... Cute rabbit, though.

On the man-front, you laugh or cry, I guess. Looks like I'm in a "when it rains" situation.... I'm sure a drought will come!

;o) BJ

Blogget Jones said...

Krissie -- great job at the word-making-up! LOL I love it! I like to tell my son he needs to have more courteosity. LOL

At the moment, it looks like Aspen is the most stable and attentive of the bunch. And local. Houston is attentive, but I see him once every year or so. However, he did make a (sorta) joke the other day about wanting to marry me next year....oh brother....

And Fella....well, we're all aware, aren't we? ;o)


Pixie said...

ex husbands have such a special brand of conceit.
And are so right... NOT ... about who and what their kids are into.
No I'm not bitter and twisted just accurate!!!

Angela said...

Sounds like we have the same taste in men...too bad for us!

Blogget Jones said...

Amen, Pix!! A special brand of conceit that is egged on by a new wife.... You know he had the gall to tell me, as he married yet again, that I must not be "over" him because I hadn't gotten married again? WTF?!?!

And he's so clueless about the kids. Doesn't even know the basics, but blames me when they do something wrong.

Oh, look at me up on this soapbox....just a moment, while I climb down....

And Angela -- I'm sorry! How do we manage to find the "fixer uppers"? Even when they seem perfectly stable? Oh comes that soapbox again....

Sassy Lucy said...

Just found your blog from a comment on Rockdog's blog, and your name intrigued me...
We thought we lost the top of our tree too in our last move, we didn't...I think the tree still looks nice.
Ex sounds like an arse for forcing music on your son he doesn't like.

I plan to be back!!!!

Blogget Jones said...

Hello Sassy Lucy! And thanks for visiting! Glad you found me :o)

Thanks on the tree. It really does make me smile this year. It's so indicative of my

On the music for my son -- I told him, "If your dad gives you a CD, just do not take the paper off!" We'll get him something he likes. :o)

In the meantime, I told him to pick out a CD of his own preferred music for his dad for Christmas....

;o) BJ