Friday, December 09, 2005

Here Comes Secret Santa, Here Comes Secret Santa....

....Right Down Secret Santa Lane!

Yes, I play Secret Santa at the office. And man oh man, do I get into it!

I get that wish list and start making a list (and checking it twice!) of things I can match to this person's favorite things! I shop with them in mind. I don't spend a fortune, to be true. I'm on a budget, after all (like nearly everyone else!). But I bust my can to get something(s) that matches the list.

I mean, I put a lot of effort into making sure my Secret Santa list was full of all my likes and tastes, so the person drawing my name has a lot of options and ideas. I assume everyone else does the same. So, I try my little Christmas-loving (or should that be "Holiday-loving"?) heart out for them.

So, the big day comes and I send out my surprises for that person, through my Secret Santa Delivery Network. This is the thrill for me.

It's a good thing the receiving isn't what I look forward to because nearly every year, it's the same. I get any old bit of tchotchke they found at the dollar store or local garage sale.

Wait a minute, now. Hold up. I can hear a few gasps out there, those of you thinking, "This Blogget gal has some nerve! It's the thought that counts, not the price!"

Let me say, you're exactly right. About the "thought that counts" part, I mean. That's my point. I do not care how much something costs. I care that someone put the effort into finding something that suits me, that they thought of me while shopping. I filled out the paperwork, just like they did. I put thought into it...for what? So it can be stuffed into a purse with all the holiday receipts and cold-weather-runny-nose tissues, to be tossed out with the other Christmas litter? No, that's not really what I had in mind.

Just remember this, if you're in one of these Secret Santa things, too. Don't be a lame-ass Secret Santa who doesn't care whose name is on that paper you drew. It can make the difference between making someone's day, or being regifted.

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