Thursday, December 22, 2005

Another sing along! "All I want for Christmas is...."

A puppy.

No really, I do! This isn't one of those, "Oh, they're so cute! Can I have one? Please! Please!" and then you don't know what work it is to actually take care of her/him. This is my honest-to-gosh, heartfelt, all-I-really-want-for-Christmas-besides-world-peace wish.

I know it won't come true because the others in my house don't want that, but my heart breaks for want of a dog.

I've never been without a dog. We had a Border Collie when I was born. Cocker Spaniels when I was growing up. As an adult, I've had a Great Dane/Doberman, an identifiable mutt, a Lhasa Apso, a Border Collie, a Cocker Spaniel, and a Labrador Retriever.

And then there was one. She out-lived them all, but had to leave this earth a few months ago. Life just got too dangerous and painful for her. I know, I know...I've heard it a million times..."You did the right thing." Okay. I still miss her each and every day, when I get home and she's not there to greet me.

She's visited me since then and given me comfort. Yeah, I believe in spirits, or "ghosts" if you prefer. I have too many stories that affirm that to be able to tell them all here. Maybe I'll make another blog about that and absolutely never get my work done! Ha!

The point is that I love dogs. I love MY dogs, especially. I've never been without one and I miss having that companionship in my life. There's an unconditional validation they give to your existence, even on the darkest days. I miss my dog terribly and want desperately to love another.

So, yes, I really do want a puppy. Cold nose, soft ears, warm heart. Ah well. Maybe Santa will find one for me next year.


Sidebar: Boyfriend explained himself about the neighbor comment. He didn't mean the guy is easier to talk to, just that he doesn't pay any attention when Boyfriend is in a bad mood. He just doesn't care that much -- which is why he's not a better choice to talk to.

Oh, and I was talking with my recently-divorced-for-the-second-time ex-husband last night. We were making arrangements for the kids' Christmas Eve. The conversation took a sudden twist and next thing I knew, he's telling me how this friend of his feels that he (the ex, not the friend) belongs with me, that I'm his first and only love. How do you tell a person "been there, done that, and never ever wanna do it again" when they are the "there," "that," and "it"? I mean, other than divorcing them. I would have thought it was a clear enough message.

Ah well. I'll handle it.


Ms.L said...

Oooooh a puppy!
Me too,our old girl needs a friend.

When we get our own place,I want either a Pit bull puppy/young dog or a Border Collie puppy/young dog.
Our dog is ten(I've posted pics of her on my blog,for another blogger,go take a peak if you're interested!)
and when I think of life without her,it looks so empty and bleak.
I wish they didn't have to die so soon:(

LOL,yeah right the teacher emailed you.Oldest trick in the book,lol.
Aww well,it ended well for you guys!

Blogget Jones said...

My old girl was 14 when she passed. Even the vet cried, saying that it just isn't fair that they don't live longer!

Even when she was younger, she didn't tolerate pups very well. We once brought in a lost puppy to call her owner, and my dog was not at all happy! She sniffed that pup and then literally turned her back on us, refusing to have anything to do with us until that pup was gone! What a queenie she could be!

I'll go check out your pics! Have you created a page for her? I did that with mine and it was great fun!

Ms.L said...

LOL,what a wonderful dog!

Beans can get like that.I gave her a bath and she slipped and fell.Well she milked a limp forever making me feel like the biggest monster,until I started to notice she only limped around ME!
What a brat! As soon as I clued in,she stopped,lol
Aww,14 years old:(
I think they should live at least 20 years!

We have a page with DOgster,isn't that an amzing site?

Blogget Jones said...

Oh how FUNNY!!! I tell ya, people don't give animals enough credit. I mean, to figure out how to milk that limp, just for you! What a smart dog!

Email me your Dogster page! There's an email link in my profile. My wonderful girl's page is

Someone at work is selling Lab pups. Oh, the torture!