Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Here Comes Ranting Santa, Here Comes Ranting Santa...."

A follow-up to my "Here Comes Secret Santa...." post:

My Secret Santa ROCKS.

The tchotchke spell of years past is officially broken! She totally gets me.

To be exactly accurate, they both do. I play the Secret Santa game in two circles. It's true that it's the thought that counts and both of these ladies really had me in mind. I'm very grateful to them both for going so out of their way for lil' ol' me. I hope the ladies I shopped for feel equally cared for!

Just a little bitty side rant here: This whole "should we say Christmas or Holiday" thing is stupid.

If you're talking to a Christian and want to be sensitive to that, or if you're the Christian and want to be sure everyone knows it, then say "Merry Christmas." Heck, paint it on the rooftop so Santa and every passing plane gets it, too. I don't care. And guess what? No one else does either.

It's just like if a Buddhist holds the door open for a Christian and gives a smiling, "Happy Holidays!" Are you honestly going to refuse that greeting because he didn't choose to say "Christmas"?

No reasonable person is going to throw your well-wishes back at you because you named a holiday they don't celebrate. In this world, we need all the well-wishes we can get, from whatever god or spirit wants to shine on us.

Saying "Happy Holidays" isn't offensive. It's considerate, and since when did our world need less of that? To say "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings" is to not only acknowledge that we have more than one religion in the air, but we also have more than one holiday at the end of December. I don't mean more than one gift-giving holiday, but New Year's.

Besides, all of those rabid Christians out thereneed to take a closer look at the phrase they so vehemently oppose. "Holiday." "Holy Day." Are you honestly opposing the acknowledgement of a "Holy Day"? Idiots.

I get so sick of these people who claim to follow Christ, but can't manage to behave as Christ would have. Love one another. Go look it up in your Bible. Highlight it if you have to, but do something about honoring it. This contentious crap isn't helping anyone.

Okay, so it wasn't such a little bitty rant. Happy Holidays, y'all. ::wink::

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