Friday, February 21, 2014

What's that screaming?

It's good ol' Blogget, running away into the wilderness!  What sent her over the edge?

Workday ridiculousness and sexual frustration.

I will always marvel at the behavior of some people in the academic environment.  It's a good thing this environment exists for people who would be booted to the curb in a corporate environment.  Unprofessional, childish behavior that just wouldn't fly anywhere else.

And a good time to test my patience is not when all I can think about is the sex I wish I was having.  With no sure-fire relief in sight, just yet.

I soooo need a vacation.  Have I mentioned that in the last week?  Soooo need a vacation.  Even a one-day reset the batteries getaway would be nice.  I'm considering that, if the paycheck works out that way at the end of the week.  A jaunt to a nearby town, a change of scenery.  Maybe even a massage, if I can swing it.

I'm tired today, but it was worth it. Jacob and I had one of the most beautiful conversations we've had in a long, long time.  I think we might have our friendship back on track.  We got our mutual apologies and asking for forgiveness out in the open.  We were able to speak honestly and bluntly about many things - things important to each of us - and give each other a listening ear and advice.  I'm not sure if my advice will turn out to be useful, but I hope so.  I really tried to put myself in someone else's perspective and respond from the gut on it, and all I can hope is that it's valuable.  We found we have things we feel most comfortable telling each other, and it warmed my heart (and his, he said) to find that we're still there for each other.

So, I'm feeling much better about all of that.  I feel someone is there to catch me, again, who really cares if I fall or if I fly - as much as I care about that for him.

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