Saturday, November 01, 2008

South Carolina update

I head to my conference in St. Louis on Wednesday. This is the one where I met South Carolina last year, and that he asked if I'd be interested in adjoining rooms this year. 'Tis not to be. Last week, his budget got cut by $500,ooo. No travel. No conference.

He's bummed. He sent me a message the other day, saying, "I'm so bummed! Who is going to spend the late nights listening to music with you? Not that hand-sanitizer guy!"

Okay, so he G-Rated that because it was a public message. And the hand-sanitizer guy is my old boss, who is rather OCD about germs. He also attends this conference. But you get the point. SC is bummed. So am I, but it gets me off the hook for some awkward situations!

I'll miss seeing him. We do have an "understanding," of sorts. But my heart belongs to Ranger, and I don't want to jeopardize that.


Ronjazz said...

You do what you need to do, Blogget, to keep yourself happy. In the end, that's the bottom line. There will be another time, another'll see. You just have too much to offer...:)

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Ah, it's probably for the best then.

Fire Byrd said...

What is it to all these men in your life. But you do seem to have struck gold with Ranger, even if you did miss out on catching up with SC.

Walker said...

See, some cuts are good for something.
Less stress for you and your hands will be clean

Real Live Lesbian said...

I've got to catch up! Was there going to be a rendezvous?

Blogget Jones said...

Ron -- Maybe so. Just not sure SC is a good idea at this conference! I have a lot of blogging to do, though!

Jen -- I agree! I think it worked out okay.

Thank you, Byrd! You're right....I haven't blogged about Halloween yet!

Walker -- I think that's true. And I think I established myself better at the conference without SC around.

RLL -- It was a "maybe". SC asked if we could have adjoining rooms....