Tuesday, November 06, 2007

One of my top ten embarrassing moments....

So, instead of running around wondering what South Carolina thinks of me and our little fling, I decide to put all the cards on the table with him. I wrote him a good-sized email, explaining that what happened, happened. It wasn't something I normally do. I enjoy him a lot. BUT he doesn't have to worry about me pushing for more. I fully understand being 1800 miles away, but I'd like to maintain our friendship thus far and see what happens if and when we're together again.

It was a blunt email about a lot of things. I included some intimate details. Like: "It's been a very long time since I've shared my bed with a man," and "You're a sweet, gentle lover," and how much I enjoyed being surprised in the shower.

I hit Send. Soon, I have a reply. I hold my breath, not knowing what to expect. A kiss-off? A professing of devotion? Go away, slut? I open it. Here's what it said:

"Mr. [South Carolina] is out of office today...forwarding to his home email. Good day...Jane (Graduate Assistant)"

His. Assistant. Read. It.

Ohhhhhhh....fuckety, fuck, fuck, FUCK!

I never thought a real person would be handling his email, in his absence. We've only communicated via work email addies. I don't have another one for him. And now his ASSISTANT saw the intimate details of his trip, with me.

He's going to hate me forever.

I pick my head up from the desk and realize he must be warned. I start composing a text message. "So, I royally effed up. I sent you a personal email from...."

My phone is ringing.


"Hey." Oh, good Lord, it's him. Does he sound mad? It's hard to tell from one word.

Then, he starts laughing. "Don't freak out."

The deluge starts. "Oh my GOD! I'm so sorry! I had no idea your assistant would get that! I...."

"No, no," he's shushing me. "It's all right. Jane is a grad student. She doesn't read the emails. Just enough to see how to categorize it. She sent this straight to my phone. Don't worry."

"You're sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure," he's speaking softly, reassuringly. "I'm at the grocery store, but I just had to call you right now because I knew you'd be freaking out."

"Oh, I sure was!"

He's laughing again. "I thought so. When I saw it, I thought 'Blogget's going to freak' and I had to let you know it's okay. I'll write you back later. Okay?"

Yes, it was okay. Much, much better. But I'm still embarrassed as hell.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like something I would do...

Krissie said...

OMG, this is too funny!

But I thought immediately she didn't actually read it, just forwarded it.

(It would be funnier if his assistant was his/girlfriend/wife/lover. It would be a disaster, true, but sooo funny.)

Sgt said...

I agree with Krissie!

I once had a woman call me and start talking about how she was thinking about me and touching herself wishing it was me. It was priceless when I asked "who is this?" and I heard "OMG... I miss-dialed" *CLICK*

Blogget Jones said...

Oh, that *would* be funny! Sgt, I can only imagine how you changed the "mood" for that woman!

I'm glad he was so cool about it, though, and concerned about my reaction. Nice guy.

The HOR blogger said...


Ok, okay, ahahahhahaha ok sorry, sorry.

:) Hey what a hell-uv-a nice guy! That was so cool that he was so nice and calm and not a jerk (not that he had a real reason to be a jerk but some folks would) and was so nice that he called you right away.

Very Sweet.


Blogget Jones said...

LOL Hor-gal -- I don't blame you for laughing...and laughing...and laughing. I can see this playing out in a movie, just the way it happened at my little corner of the world here. I literally got the email from the assistant and my forehead hit the desk. And a string of expletives.

But yeah, what a nice guy. Nicer than Fella at the moment. Except for the little 1800-mile problem....

RockDog said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! You rock!

Sounds like an interesting time to jump into a new blog...unfortunately, I have no worthwhile relationship advice!

Have a good weekend!

Blogget Jones said...

Hey, you're welcome! Loved your blog. Need the male perspective sometimes! And thanks for the comment here!

right now, I'm not sure how much relationship advice I need, or if I just need to remember what it's like to have my "groove" back. but thanks for reading ;o)