Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A hard day across the board

7:30 this morning, I get a text from South Carolina. "The surgery is underway."

He went to Georgia yesterday, where ex's first surgery would be performed today. Kids (grown), SC, ex, and ex's sister all went. This is the most invasive of the two surgeries she needs. This is the one for which she updated her will and created a living will.

I texted back. "You're all in my thoughts and prayers today. Please let me know how it goes. Take good care."

About 6:00 this evening, I started wondering if not hearing from him was good news or bad news. I texted, "Thinking of you...hope it all went well today...take good care!"

About 7:30, I got a message back. "Didn't go so well...she had a small stroke during surgery...she's in ICU. I'm still at hospital. More tests tomorrow."

I know the kind of exhaustion they are experiencing right now. It's a bone-weariness that seeps into every cell of your mind, body, and soul. I hate that feeling, and I wish there was a way to alleviate it for him. But I'm 1800 miles away...all I can offer is support and a listening ear. So, it's what I offered.

On the lighter side....

I'm waiting in the drive-up line at the bank today when I become aware of eyes on me. I glance to my left and our eyes meet. "Please," his gaze says, "Kill me now." So, what did I do? Whipped out the camera phone to take pictures, as I got closer.

Here, folks, is the most pitiful soul in the world today (I'm so sorry the pictures suck so bad):

Poor fella. The collar is probably insult to injury....the look just screams "I've been neutered," doesn't it?

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