Friday, November 30, 2007

It's. Really. Cold.

And I love it! Seems very weird that the town I left in Texas has a blanket of snow, and my new home in Colorado does not. We're promised some wet stuff soon and the ski resorts have high hopes for this weekend. But it's cold, and I'm enjoying my sweaters, fluffy coat, warm gloves, steaming cups of yummy things to drink, and my wood-burning stove. Yep, I'm a snow bunny :o) I might even get talked into trying snowboarding. We'll see.

Fella had a big game this week. Winning it meant getting top seed position in the final tournament and skipping the first round. Because of his habit of not calling lately, even when messages are left, I haven't been calling or texting, unless asked. However, with the information he laid on me on Saturday, I knew he'd leave the next contact to me, to see if I still wanted to talk to him. So, I texted my well-wishes for the game and said I'd like to hear about it. And I got a call the next day, not only about the game, but asking all about my week. If this weekend goes well, I might see about going up to see the last game of his season next week. Again...we'll see....

I sent Aspen an IM last week, but didn't get an answer back. I know he's busy at work, with people getting things fixed before the big snows hit up there. So, a couple of days later, I get a call. I answered and heard, "Do you forgive me?"
"For what?"
"Not answering your message. Forgive me?"
I laughed. "It's all right. I know you're busy. I'm not mad."
"Not mad? Really? Come on. I feel bad. Yell at me or something."
I laughed again. "No, really. I don't want to yell at you!"
He seemed surprised about this. We talked about Thanksgiving and family, and how insane his holiday was, being dragged to the mall by the estrogen side of his family, on Black Friday. By the time he asked about my holiday, I told him he didn't want to hear it.
"My holiday was quiet," I said.
He sighed and said, "I'm coming to your house next year."

South Carolina has been updating me on his ex's condition. They are still assessing the damage the small stroke caused. He says he sees the difference, but she doesn't seem to. She's home from the hospital, though. She's receiving physical therapy to assess physical effects. Time will tell on the cognitive effects, but right now she can't remember her children's names or where she works. Her sister is sitting with her for now. He's headed to another conference next week, in New Orleans.

I told him about my bummer Christmas plans. He asked all about where I'd be staying and how long I'd be there. In my wildest dreams, he'd meet me there and keep me company. But I have a lot of wild dreams....

Speaking of those Christmas plans -- I was going to stay with an old, dear friend there. However, my dear friend has flaked out on me.... See, Lubbock used to have a hockey team, until this season. She was a devoted fan....of one player in particular. He's gone to another minor team and will be playing in Denver the weekend after Christmas. So, she's ditching me to follow him to Denver. So, it'll be me, myself, and I, in a hotel for the week of Christmas, and what friends I can piece together to keep me company.

All because my ex is a spineless idiot and his new wife is a wicked bee-otch. And my best friend is a flake.

I did hear from a guy I have dated in the past, very casually. He's from Houston and talking about coming to Lubbock to take me out that week. How sweet :o) And Old BF wants to come see me, too. But that won't be good. Even if I wanted to see him and even if he made it there, he'd expect me to pay for everything because he's been in Dallas nearly four months and and can't manage to find a job. Any job. Oh bother....

To top it all off, I'm entering the time of the semester at work that I like to call....HELL. It's my job to set up all online courses for the next term. And teach faculty what they're supposed to do. Now, if everyone would just understand that I don't need any other projects....I'd be happy. Again with the wild dreams....

But it's payday :o) Hooray! It's Christmas shopping time! Check out the pic to the left -- someone added a red dot to the deer crossing sign near my house. And yes, we do see them among the houses! Gotta love it!


Sassy Blondie said...

Damn, Blogget! How DO you keep up with all yor men? ;)

Sorry about your Christmas plans though. Don't spend it alone...change your plans a take a nice trip to somewhere you've never been. You'll probably meet another man! LOL

I love it to be cold! I wish Dallas got real winter and not that nasty ice shit. :(

But Christmas will come and go and lead to the blessed New Year. What's your plans there??

Krissie said...

I bet you're sometimes on the verge on calling one of them by the other's name! lol
Good luck with that!

And yeah, Lindy's right. Go somewhere nice (although I think you said you want to be near the kids to be the Plan B if they need you, right?).

Pixie said...

Spuinds the right sort of Christmasy happening with you, at least cold wise.
Hope you get to sort out christmas, so you can have a fab time.

I'm doing two days of Cristmas then at home then deserting my kids, well they are 22 and 16 and getting on a plane for Philly for the New Year...... YES!

Blogget Jones said...

Oh no, Sassy! Not another man! Well, what I need now is just one of them to turn out to be a good one. This weekend did not go well with Fella -- he stayed home because of terrible trouble with his kids. Something serious but I don't know what. Maybe I'll hear from him this week and know more....we'll see.

LOL Krissie - no, I haven't called them by he wrong names yet! However, two pairs of them had the good graces to have the same first names, and two sound alike on the phone.

And yes, I have to stick close to where the kids are this Christmas because me ex, the Spineless Wonder, and his Wicked Wife. Ah well....I'll see a lot of movies, I think.

Thanks, Pix! Philly? Sounds like a great time!