Monday, February 19, 2007

Big ol' jet airliner....

During five days in March, I'll fly three different airlines and have two job interviews. The phone interview moved me to Round Two -- a face-to-face interview, just two days after another interview.

The interview I had last week went really well. Now, we wait. They are due to make a decision the week before these other two interviews happen. So, if an offer is going to come my way, I need them to drag their feet by a week or two!

Here's the breakdown:
Position #1: At a more prestigious university, potentially the greatest pay (but realistically, comparable to Position #2's salary), cost of living virtualy the same, comfortable winters (little to no snow), sweltering summers. The position oversees an team within a department, focused on my area of expertise. I know many people there. Everyone I met was friendly. Larger city, lovely area with lots of trees and water. This department definitely "courted" me, with a nice hotel, nice meals, and tours of the city.

Position #2: Small college in a small town. Great pay (comparable to #1), but higher cost of living. Desert envisonment, but with frigid winters (sometimes -18) and comfortable summers. The position oversees an entire division, with my area of expertise being only one component. This one has The Title, and is in administration. So far, the people I've dealt with have bordered on rude, and indifferent, at best. They've done some things that didn't make sense -- like scheduling me for a 12:00 lunch and a 1:00 flight out. However, they are arranging for a real estate agent to show me around town. I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Express.

Position #3: Small college in a small town, but a little larger than #2's site. Beautiful area, in the mountains. High cost of living, offering the lowest pay of the three. It would be a $10,000-$20,000 improvement over my current salary (while the others are $30,000 over my current salary) -- without figuring the cost of living difference. That would make their best offer amount to a $10,000 improvement. Can I move so far away for that? The climate is cold and snowy in the winters (but not -18!) and comfortable in the summer. The position would be to pretty much tell them what they should be doing. They've been floundering with this program for three years and now recognize the need for an expert to direct them. I'm staying at the Doubletree Hotel.

Best case scenario is that I get three offers. Worst case is that I get none. I wasn't looking to move, so that's okay. I don't have to take any of them, but would like to! I guess we wait until March and see what's what. Dang, I hate waiting!

In the meantime, I play the guessing game and decide how I would rank all the options. Then, how I would sell it to my kids. And how I'd tell my ex that we're going far away.....not that he hasn't done that himself before, but that's another issue.


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