Friday, March 02, 2007

Strike One....

Long story short, I'm not moving to Louisiana.

I got the call yesterday. He wanted to let me know in person, instead of letting a form letter break the news. Get this -- they hired from within. They advertised nationally, brought in candidates at great expense, then hired someone who has been there 18 years. So, how committed are they to innovative change? Apparently, not much.

That's not me being bitter, though! That's from their own people, who told me they know the person being hired for the job and doubt she's has the stuff to handle the job. I feel bad for them, if that's true. They're good people and deserve better.

He did say that I was "very impressive" and "very competitve," and it was a hard decision. Sounded like I was the less economical choice, actually. He asked if I'd be open to "future opportunities" with them. I said sure, why not. I can always give them a listen.

So, I have interviews #2 and #3 next week. If it's meant to be, we'll find out. Otherwise, I'm not so miserable where I am.


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