Friday, February 02, 2007

The Second Pitch

So, I make a habit of checking my junk email before deleting the folder. It's a pain, but it keeps dreadful things from missing an important email. Like I would have today.

"Dear Blogget, our search committee would like to set up an interview with you...."

Yesterday, I was on about Louisiana. Today, I'm on about Colorado. Alamosa, Colorado. A smaller college there would like to see me about a job.

I sent out three applications. One went to Louisiana and two to Colorado. Now, I need to hear from the third college and I'll have a grand slam!

I've been to Colorado a lot, but not to Alamosa. I looked up some information about them today. Currently, it is a balmy -18°F there. The average high in winter is 14°F. July and August are the only frost-free months. No more First Freeze contests on the evening news! The summers sound fantastic, though. Average is 65°F. Gotta love that!

But can I tolerate an average temperature of 14°? I suppose I'll find out how much I like it soon enough!

Stay Warm!

--- Blogget

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