Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's a Grand Slam!

And application number three has now weighed wanted to set up a phone interview for Monday -- which is when I'm on the first interview in Lousiana. So, we're setting up an alternate time. This one is in Colorado, but a prettier area than the other one. The town is a little bigger, so there are better medical options, too. The pay is less, though.

But I'm ahead of myself. No one has made an offer. I'm completely suited for each position, but I don't know the competition, either. So, we'll see.....

I still have the swollen cheek, but not as bad. Hurts like fire, though. I have a "procedure" for it, the day after my interview in Louisiana. Yippee! (is the sarcasm coming through?) What timing this all had!

More later.....

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