Thursday, March 18, 2004

The ol' ego is taking a beating lately.... What a strange world this Internet is! Someone told me the other day that it's the new meeting place for the millennium. Could be.

Anyhow, tonight I'm wondering about honesty. Where is it hiding? Integrity is with it, I think. Advice to anyone who decides to not pursue a particular friendship or romance:

Don't make empty promises or say anything to imply a future.

Don't just ignore that other person. They need to know what's what. If you've changed your mind, then you just have. But don't leave them to question what they said or did, or if they looked wrong or sounded wrong or f*cked wrong, or whatever. Let 'em know, so no more time is wasted (reference earlier blog rant).

Here's another honesty tip: just answer the question. The story:

I'm busying my happy little self online when I get a delightful series of IM's from....let's say J. J is a personable guy, we think alike, have a lot in common. He's fun. He says, "Ask me anything! The bolder the better!" I ask why a strapping young man such as himself doesn't have a girlfriend around. His answer?

"LOL, No. Wife."

Wife. Ah-ha. My mood sinks. Dang I hate it when guys are cheating. He says to move on with the questions. He says, "Can I answer this tomorrow?" When asked why, he says he has to go, but that I was "cool to meet" and that he hoped to chat again soon. He even apologized for the awkward subject.

But the damage is done. I don't trust him. He has a wife and is chatting me up. No matter the sitch there, that's not cool. Don't wanna be married? Then don't be married. But don't expect any jollies from me when you have a wife who needs your attention more. And if she doesn't, then don't be married.

Any way you slice it, cheating is wrong.

So, I'm disappointed. He was turning into a nice guy to chat with. Lots in common ... a good friend, at least. Then that. Dang.

Time to drag my tired butt to bed. Be good, y'all.

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